What Is The Current Status And Future Prospects Of The Country's Overall Freight Industry?

- Dec 05, 2018-

What is the current status and future prospects of the country's overall freight industry?


1. The emergence of large logistics enterprises

Recently, a lot of news about the logistics industry has talked about our future industry will become a large-scale corporate leadership, logistics resource intensive direction, and the rapid development of more and more emerging logistics enterprises prove this. The financing of Manbang Group, the financing of Shiqiao Logistics and the new development measures of Debang all indicate that the logistics industry is now facing a new upsurge. There will be many large-scale logistics to dominate the market. Other small companies will be merged or withdrawn from the market with the integration of resources. When it comes to retail investors, we can imagine that retail investors can't compete in the future, and the result is to join them as professional drivers or quit the market.


2. Big data to boost the development of big Logistics

Now let's talk about the latest hot topics, big data. But what role does it play? I believe many people have doubts. In fact, it is the same as its name is through a large number of data analysis of the law of one thing, the last card home to give the distribution map of the country is derived from large data.


In fact, everyone understands that, as far as I know, nine large logistics enterprises, such as truck help, transmission, long-term and long-term, have implemented large-scale data access, which will effectively reduce the operating costs of logistics enterprises, improve operational efficiency, reduce the empty rate of vehicles, and accelerate China's logistics. Resource integration and development. At the same time, the profit margins of retail investors will be further compressed to speed up the withdrawal of retail investors. When the market stabilizes, our logistics model will become similar to that of Europe and the United States. By then, the service cost of logistics enterprises will rise to a normal level and retail customers will become partners of logistics enterprises from independent individuals.

Our freight industry has experienced 40 years of development since the reform and opening up, experienced retail-led era, when the logistics service costs were too high; experienced a period of small logistics and fleet and retail customers coexistence, logistics service costs have declined but still remain high; to the special line logistics and the rule of large logistics groups, logistics services. Service costs have returned to normal; and now the emergence of information logistics groups began to squeeze retail investors out of the market war, logistics enterprises now service costs below the normal level. By then, our logistics enterprises TG Forwarder will create a highly intensive, standardized, pricing rights and strong service force of the freight market.

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