What Are The Air Freight Charges?

- Jul 14, 2017-

  What are the Air Freight charges?

  A substance or substance that threatens the safety of an airplane that is likely to cause harm to human health, safety, or damage to property in air transport. Mainly the following types of goods transport

  Small and expensive items: cash, securities, money order, credit card, jewelry, camera. Urgent items: drugs, keys, passports, traveler's checks, business documents. Irreplaceable items: Air Freight manuscripts, ancestral material, fragile goods: glasses, glass containers, liquid. The above items should be carried with you, Air Freight or placed in the baggage that can be placed underneath the seat. The airline shall bear the liability for the loss of or damage to the checked baggage in the checked baggage. Passengers are not allowed to take control of the tool. Air Freight Control of tools other than the tool or blunt should be checked with the checked baggage, can not carry.

  Need the relevant departments to issue the relevant certificate after the international routes can be luggage provisions

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