Watch The Scene: Italy Ferry Fire Smoke To Escape The Melting Of Shoes

- Aug 09, 2016-

Italian ferry 28 in Greece to the West in the waters off the fire, the ship carrying has more than 400 passengers and crew, the captain ordered the evacuation to abandon ship, known events at least 1 dead and one injured. Before the fire is not put out, there are trapped by the phone on the TV for help. On the ferry, a cook said to his wife, he can not breathe, we will be burned like a mouse, please save us".

According to reports, after the incident, 150 people aboard the lifeboat fled, and among 117 people have been rescued to other ships, temporary safety. Due to the bad weather and sea conditions, increase the difficulty of rescue.

The accident "Norman Atlantic ferry local time yesterday morning 5:30 from the Greek port of Patras opened scheduled yesterday afternoon arrived at Ancona port, but sailed to Greece northwest Kerkyra to out to sea, boat garage suddenly caught fire, fierce fire quickly lost control of the vine extending crew from 44 miles to the northwest of Kerkyra issued a distress signal. More than half of the passengers on board for the Greeks, there are passengers using mobile phones for help. It was reported that the ferry was carrying about 200 vehicles at the time.

A rescued the passengers on board, there were women, children and the elderly, after the fire ferry power, fire from the ground up spread, hull temperature rises urgently, at the reception desk set feel floor in the hot, people describe "even the shoes also began to melt away". Passengers rushed to the top of the ferry deck refuge, some people because of smoke inhalation discomfort, there are passengers trapped on the top deck for more than 6 hours has not been rescued. Due to the lifeboat put ferry bottom, passengers can not be used and rough waves that passengers unable to board lifeboats on merchant near thrown.

The ferry issued a distress signal, then went to the nearby 8 merchant ships to assist the rescue, and surrounded by the ferry stop. Greece and Italy sent fire ship and escort ships, naval vessels, tugs, helicopters and military cargo planes to rescue, but local strong wind speeds of up to 100 kilometers, rescue helicopter was forced to drop, also make ship on fire intensified.

Rain, hail and sea up to 6 meters waves also hampered rescue and relief, and wet waiting for the rescue of the passenger's body, causes the body temperature to drop. Freight company boss Mylonas pointed out that the ship has 20 to 25 cars filled with olive oil tanker. He is living in a ship of three tanker drivers keep in touch.

According to reports in the Italian media, ferry accident in 10 days before the security check, has been pointed out ship fire door function is poor, but it has not been prohibited sailing. It is reported the same boat ferry 3 years ago have also been checking out the fire door does not conform to the specifications.

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