United States Two Aircraft On The Runway, Wipe Out The Spark

- Aug 11, 2016-

Wasilla airport shuttle services company operating ray ray block said: I heard the sound of two planes collided at the time. I'm running out a look, turned out to have two aircraft on the runway.

Witnesses said: there is a plane in the accident in accordance with the right side of the runway landing landing flight model. And the other one is carried out on the left.

The accident caused the temporary closure of the Wasilla airport was Friday afternoon.

According to the logistics Baba, the aircraft were involved in the Cessna 210 and modified Beaver turbo propeller aircraft, the accident led to two serious damage to both aircraft, but four passengers were not seriously injured.

According to the Alaska News reported that the accident in the accident Cessna 210 aircraft pilot is a flying student, the machine has a certificate of qualifications held by the coaches. The Beaver aircraft in accordance with the registration information display belongs to the former lawyer Cole Charlie, the aircraft also sprayed on the Denali Fly logo. Companies use this plane to carry out tourism business and the rescue of Denali Park climbers. According to Cole family revealed that the accident occurred, Cole did not drive the aircraft. But no one in the Cole family is willing to comment on the incident in the media.

Beaver aircraft pilot friends tell Alaska news: is the aircraft take-off in Wasilla airport, a private helipad, and to add fuel. Aircraft had in the urban area of the airport short stay.

Wasilla airport is located in the southern Alaska, near Anchorage, lakes, snow and other scenery of wasilla.

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