United Arab Emirates Airline Passenger Plane Burst Into Fire: 14 People Were Injured, A Fireman Was Killed

- Aug 11, 2016-

United Arab Emirates Airline Passenger Plane Burst Into Fire: 14 People Were Injured, A Fireman Was Killed

The United Arab Emirates airline a Boeing 777 aircraft 3 days because of the "accident" was forced to land in Dubai and caused the fire, resulting in body was completely destroyed, become the Emirates in the history of the most serious flight accidents. Fortunately, all 300 passengers and crew members were safely evacuated, a fireman was killed in the rescue. After 3 classes fall fire accident occurred, the current operation has been resumed.Government officials in the United Arab Emirates say the Dubai International Airport has resumed flights taking off and landing.

Allegedly, the accident aircraft EK521 took off from the southern city of India, made an emergency landing at Dubai International Airport at 12:45. EK521 did not release the landing gear landing, the fuselage and runway contact, thrilling scene. After the plane stopped, the airport and the crew quickly arranged for 282 passengers on the plane safely evacuated in 90 seconds, followed by the crew, the aircraft occurred after the explosion. According to the video screen display, the incident took place in the smoke.

After the accident, Dubai International Airport interrupted for several hours, all flights may not be taking off and landing. Relevant departments have not yet disclosed the specific reasons for the accident, the United Arab Emirates airline will be attributed to the operation of the accident". UAE Civil Aviation Administration, said the person in charge, has started to investigate the cause of the accident.

Currently another 14 people were injured and sent to hospital for treatment, but mainly minor injuries or moderate degree of injury. Allegedly, this is not because of any security vulnerabilities caused by landing.

The aircraft began service in 2015 and was repaired in 2003. More than 7000 hours of flight experience in the United Arab Emirates on the aircraft.

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