Types Of Risks In International Cargo Sea Transport:

- Jun 07, 2016-

1, general external risk. Refers to the goods in transit due to theft, rain, short, leakage, broken, damp, heat, mildew, string flavor, pollution, hook damage, rust, damage and other reasons caused by the risk.

2, special external risk. Refers to the risks and losses caused by the war, the strike, the refusal to deliver goods, such as politics, military, National injunction and control measures.

Maritime risk

The risk in the insurance sector called shipwreck. Including natural disasters and accidents at sea. Natural disasters are caused by the destruction of the destruction caused by the variation of nature. Marine insurance, natural disasters, only refers to the bad weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquake, flood, fire and other human irresistible disasters. An accident is an accident which is caused by an unexpected accident. Marine insurance, accident is stranded, sunk, rocks, collision, fire, explosion and missing etc..

In the international trade of marine emphasis should be placed on extraneous risks and external risks is preventable risk, generally use the preventive strategy; marine risk is mainly due to caused by force majeure, it is difficult to predict, it is difficult to control, general by freight insurance, risk transfer of goods, also known as shift strategy.

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