Two Japanese Oil Tanker Collided With A Diesel Leak!

- Aug 11, 2016-

Two Japanese Oil Tanker Collided With A Diesel Leak!

According to foreign media reports, two oil tankers (respectively name Eastern Phoenix and Keihin Maru 8), August 7 in the port of Tokyo Bay Keihin collided, there is news that a ship diesel spill.

  Allegedly, key moments before the collision, while taking emergency measures to deviate from the rules for preventing collisions also failed to avoid the collision. After the collision, Eastern Phoenix bow suffered minor damage occurred before the water situation. Keihin Maru but the 8 round is not so lucky, the port bow damage and water, the final part of the sinking. Because the ship had at any time the risk of sinking, and then all the sailors of the ship was evacuated, the cable fortunately no casualties occurred.

According to the Japanese NHK television news, the incident occurred at 9 am local time. The pictures on the radio show that the ship was almost submerged in the water, resulting in the leakage of the diesel. Allegedly, the 8 round of Maru Keihin has about 300 tons of fuel, and then the local authorities launched an emergency rescue operation. The laying of the oil fence, and then launched a clean-up work and follow-up to further investigation.

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