The Main Role Of Air Freight Single

- Sep 29, 2017-

The main role of Air Freight single

The total Air Freight waybill refers to the centralized shipper (Air Freight freight forwarder) will be a number of separate shipments of goods into a whole batch, to the Air Freightline for consignment, the use of an Air Freight waybill focused on the same destination. A main waybill can have multiple copies of the single, single consignor on the consignee is the actual owner.

Air Freight waybill is the contract between the consignor and the carrier, once issued, the contract comes into effect. Air Freight waybill is an important cargo document.

In addition. The main waybill and the waybill are all need to be random, although the Air Freight waybill is not the same as the sea bill of lading is a property certificate, but the customer or agent can take the main waybill to the customs custody library delivery.

Air Freight transport charter transport knowledge

Due to the limited number of cargo spaces in the form of flight transport, charter transportation becomes an important way when the bulk of the goods is large. Segment charter transport can usually be divided into the whole charter and part of the charter.

The so-called whole charter is the Air Freightline or charter agent in accordance with the contract in advance of the two sides agreed conditions and tariffs to the entire Air Freightcraft leased to the hirer, from one or several port cargo to the designated destination of the mode of transport. Part of the charter means that a number of Air Freight freight forwarders or consignors jointly charter a plane, or by the charter company to a plane of the Air Freightcraft were sold to several Air Freight freight forwarding company's cargo transport form. In contrast, some charter flights are suitable for the delivery of more than one ton but underweight cargo, in which the freight is lower than the flight, but the shipping time is long due to the need to wait for the other shippers to prepare the goods.

Charter transportation to meet the needs of large quantities of goods import and export transport, while the charter transport freight than the flight transport form is low, and with the international market supply and demand changes, to the charter brought potential benefits. But the charter transport is based on round-trip distance charges, there is the risk of return Air Freightplane.

Compared with the flight transport, charter flights can be agreed by both sides of the Air Freightcraft to determine the origin of the voyage and stop the Air Freightport, so more flexibility, but because of the security needs of governments, but also to safeguard the interests of their own Air Freightlines, There is often a significant increase in the cost of charter flights due to the complexity of the complicated and complicated procedures of the Air Freightcraft of other countries, which is often limited by the national Air Freightspace or landing of their own territory.

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