The Core Principles

- May 18, 2016-

These principles offer a way for air transport stakeholders to seek greater convergence in the passenger rights. The principles call on governments to develop consumer protection regulations that

  • Are clear, unambiguous, aligned with international conventions, without extra-territorial implications and comparable with regimes in place for other modes of transport

  • Allow airlines the ability to differentiate themselves through their customer service offerings above a basic common standard

  • Ensure passenger access to information concerning their rights, fares, including taxes and charges, the actual operator of the flight, and regular situational updates in the case of service disruptions

  • Do not compromise the industry’s top priority of safety, and exonerate airlines from liability for safety-related delays and cancellations

  • In the case of denied boarding and cancellations, entitle passengers to re-routing, refunds or compensation where circumstances are within the airlines’ control

  • In the case of delays, entitle passengers to re-routing, refunds or care and assistance; and acknowledge that when such delays or disruptions are beyond the control of airlines, market forces should determine the care and assistance available to passengers.

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