Summary Of International Air Freight Knowledge

- Jul 03, 2017-

  Summary of International Air Freight Knowledge

  Air Freight with its fast, safe. On-time high efficiency to win a considerable market, greatly reducing the delivery time, for the logistics supply chain to speed up the cash flow and circulation played a great role in promoting. The major airlines have invested a lot of flights to take the freight piece of cake. However, the cost of air transport is relatively high, for the time requirements, sea and air cost ratio of about 1:10.

  Air Freight inquiry eight elements:

  1. Name (whether dangerous goods)

  2. Weight (involving charges), volume (size and whether the bubble goods)

  3. Packaging (whether wooden box, with or without tray)

  4. purpose airport (whether the basic point)

  5. Request time (straight or non-flight)

  6. Requirements for flights (flight services and price differences)

  7. Bill of lading category (main single and sub-single)

  8. Required transport services (customs declaration, agency documents, whether customs clearance, etc.)

  Air transport heavy cargo and bubble goods. 1CBM = 167KG volume weight and the actual weight comparison, which big press which charges, of course, air cargo bubble so little secret, peers should know, in this inconvenient to speak. Do not understand the manufacturers can pondering their own.

  Air Freight Structure - Do you know?

  Do a lot of people to do air, you know how the airline air freight specifically calculated out of it? A brief introduction, hope to help everyone.

  Air freight composition:

  1.Airfreight freight (airline charge)

  2.Fuel sur charge fuel surcharge (according to the airport, the destination price is different, Hong Kong is now generally the first 4 or so, 3.6 before last year, the highest 4.8, the price adjusted by the airport, generally to Asia is 2)

  3. Security fee (Hong Kong received 1 / kg fixed fee)

  4. Airport operating costs (Hong Kong for HKD283 / votes, the airport is responsible for transport aircraft, etc.)

  5. Terminal costs: 1.72 / kg When the goods to the dealer when the dealer is responsible for playing board and other things, the final charge by the airport)

  6. Air main fee: HKD15 / bl is the cost of the bill of lading - property certificate.

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