Sea Freight Shipping Export Consignment Work

- Jul 27, 2017-

  Sea Freight Shipping export consignment work

  Sea Freight and transport work, in the CIF or CFR conditions, by the seller to arrange the transport, the working procedures are as follows:

  Check the terms of shipment in the letter of credit: In order to make the shipment smoothly, after receiving the letter of credit, you must examine the relevant shipping terms, such as the shipment period, the settlement period, the port of shipment, the port of destination, Batch shipping and whether to specify the shipping company, ship name, ship and class, etc., and some evidence to provide proof, such as route certificate, ship code, etc., these terms and regulations, I should be based on our policy, international practice , Whether the request is reasonable or whether or not to do so to consider accepting or making a request for modification.

  Stock inspection: that is, according to the export contract and the letter of the goods in the species, specifications, quantity, packaging and other provisions, on time, according to the quality, according to the amount of ready to pay the export goods, and apply for inspection and Proof work. Refrigerated goods to do a good job cooling work to ensure that the shipment meets the specified temperature requirements. Sea Freight In China, where the goods listed in the "commodity table" stipulated in the commodity inspection authorities and the goods issued by the commodity inspection authorities according to the letters of credit and trade contracts are required to fill in the "export inspection application" for the commodity inspection before export declaration. Some export commodities need to identify the weight, and some need to carry out animal and plant quarantine or health, safety inspection, must be completed in advance, to obtain a qualified inspection certificate. Do the pre-shipment preparation work, cargo cards are complete, you can handle the consignment work.

  Shipping booking: the preparation of export consignment orders, Sea Freight you can go to the freight forwarding commissioned booking procedures. Freight forwarders in accordance with the specific requirements of the owner by route sorting, in time to the shipping company or its agent booking. The shipper may also make a booking directly to the shipping company or its agent. When the shipping company or its agent to check out the loading order, Dingcun work is completed, it means that the shipper and the carrier between the transport contract has been concluded.

  Insurance: After the goods are properly placed, Sea Freight the seller is insured and can handle the insurance procedures for the transport of goods. The amount of insurance is usually the invoice of the CIF price plus insurance (plus the number of buyers and sellers agreed, if not agreed, the general plus 10% insured).

  When the ship arrives in Hong Kong, it shall, after the ship's arrival plan is completed, notify the consignor of the consignment process in accordance with the time of purchase of the port and within the prescribed time limit, the goods shall be transported to the port area in time, To the batch clear, Sea Freight the number of clear, clear signs. Pay attention to special attention with the port, shipping companies and related transport companies or railways and other units to maintain close contact, on time to complete the purchase, to prevent the work out of line and affect the progress of shipment.

  Customs declaration work: the collection of goods after the port area, the preparation of a good declaration of export goods together with the loading orders, invoices, packing list, commodity inspection certificate, export contracts, foreign exchange verification and other relevant documents to the customs declaration of export, The inspection shall be carried out.

  Shipping work: Before shipment, the keeper on behalf of the ship, the collection of customs clearance of goods by the goods and receipts, after finishing, in accordance with the stowage and manifest, batches of goods shipped. During the shipment, the shipper entrusts the freight forwarder to be supervised at the site, at any time to grasp the progress of the shipment and deal with temporary problems. After loading, the tally leader should sign the consignment note with the ship's mate and pay the shipper. If the tally officer finds a defective or poor packaging, it is endorsed on the receipt and signed by the mate to determine the responsibility of both parties. Sea Freight But as a shipper, should try not to endorsement on the receipt to obtain a clean bill of lading.

  After the shipment is completed, the shipper will issue a shipping notice to the consignee, in accordance with the receipt of the shipping company or its agent in exchange for the bill of lading, then the transport work will come to an end.

  In the case of a contract or letter of credit, Sea Freight the settlement fee stipulated in the contract or letter of credit shall be submitted to the bank for settlement and settlement.

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