Sea Freight Dangerous Goods Must Pay Attention To These

- Sep 29, 2017-

Sea Freight dangerous goods must pay attention to these

First of all, to understand whether it is dangerous goods, need to be placed in a particular environment to judge. For example, table tennis as a sports fitness equipment, its own in use is no danger, but in the process of marine transport, there is a certain transport risk; another example, Sea Freight pesticides, their own property in the presence of danger, But there is no clear provision in the transport requirements. Understand the meaning of this layer, we can separately on the property attributes and transport links are dangerous goods to do qualitative.

Is there any danger that the goods themselves do not have a risk of transport in the course of their transport? So is there any official body on the market that can determine whether the goods are dangerous in a particular transport environment? , We need to first look at the dangerous goods booking process: Sea Freight Dangerous goods maritime exports generally need to advance the owner 10 working days will be shipping book, dangerous goods packaging use identification results alone, packaging dangerous goods technical manual and MSDS fax to help ship Of the freight forwarding company, and then by virtue of these documents from the freight forwarding to the Maritime Bureau for cargo declaration, and then according to the Maritime Bureau issued a declaration of goods and packing certificate ship shipping companies to declare.

It can be seen that the use of certified products by means of dangerous goods packaging and the packing of dangerous goods technical specifications can determine whether there is danger during the course of the transport of goods. However, the current market which major professional institutions can issue these two certificates? Xiaobian asked the professionals, for your reference: the current hospital, Sea Freight the measurement hospital (full name: China Institute of Metrology) and Commodity Inspection Bureau can Issued by the official certificate, for example, on the hospital and commodity inspection bureau, you can also dangerous goods MSDS, dangerous goods packaging use identification proof.

With the above said a few proof, the basic part of the booking can be a smooth clearance, and then is to declare to the customs. We need to submit the following information to the Customs and Excise Department:

1, invoice;

2, packing list;

3, customs orders;

4, export declarations;

5, the goods of the instructions (the seller must be a written description of the use of the goods, as well as the characteristics of, etc.);

It should be noted that: according to the above documents, and according to the declaration of goods, box, such as the closure of the declaration, and cargo packing marks must be clear, and consistent with the contents of the declaration;

In addition, we also need to pay attention to is because the dangerous goods are straight side of the ship, so the general is 3 days before the ship packing. Sea Freight The owner can choose their own delivery to the dangerous goods warehouse, or to the factory packing, in this way under the owner of the goods in advance to prepare the goods, the goods must be packed in the container around the post on the big crisis, if the loaded goods Once the leak will cause pollution to the ocean, then also need to paste the marine pollution mark, while taking pictures for evidence.

Through the whole process of combing, I believe you should be able to understand the dangerous goods to declare the need to pay attention to the matter. Obviously, for dangerous goods, its declaration to the customs and compared to ordinary goods and not much change, the key is pre-booking and to the Maritime Bureau, Sea Freight the shipping company's declaration, it is recommended that the owner can prepare the relevant documents in advance, To ensure the follow-up clearance of the smooth!

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