Sea Freight Advantage Introduction

- Oct 25, 2017-

Many shippers in the cargo shipping time, are more inclined to FCL sea, even if sometimes the container is not full, also do not want to use LCL shipping to save costs. This is mainly because the FCL sea transport compared to LCL shipping, there are many advantages.

The customs clearance of FCL Shipping takes a short time

Generally speaking, customs clearance inspection, seal clearance of the smallest unit is a container, if you want to smooth release, we must ensure that this box of goods are no problem, and complete document. In the FCL Sea, because a box of goods are their own company, so as long as their own documents submitted complete, the relevant formalities and levy related taxes and fees will soon be able to pass through the clearance. The LCL goods are piled together by many of the company's goods, so make sure that all the company's documents are submitted for completion. Sometimes other shippers submit documents too slowly, will also lead to their own goods are closed, waste time, affect their own goods release, sometimes will implicate their own goods were dumped together, the owner caused losses.

Second, the FCL sea operation is simpler

The reason for the popularity of FCL is that a large part of it is because there are too many restrictions on LCL shipping. When booking, the whole box of goods directly to the shipping company booking, but the LCL goods must be ordered to the freight forwarding company, and then by the freight forwarding company to the shipping company booking. And the whole box can be designated shipping company, but LCL goods due to the factors to consider a lot, if the shipping time also designated shipping company, will affect their own goods delivery speed. Therefore, in general, LCL shipping to the freight forwarding company's high requirements, the entire operation process is also more complex, so in the international transport of goods, shippers are still more inclined to use FCL shipping.

Third, the whole box shipping packing more convenient

For the mainland shippers, the FCL is clearly more in line with their intentions. Because the FCL sea can be directly in the port of inland boxing, and LCL goods in accordance with the freight forwarding company's arrangements for packing. Because of the lack of supply in the mainland ports, coastal ports, so often to the goods transported to the coastal port to complete the packing, increased the work of the owner. At the same time, according to China's relevant regulations, export goods must be through the location of production and export Customs Inspection Bureau inspected. Therefore, if the whole box of goods, local customs clearance, only need to conduct a commodity inspection, and LCL cargo is often a different customs declaration, it needs to undergo two inspection. Increased the number of commodity inspection, the owner brought trouble.

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