Runway Excursions

- May 17, 2016-

Analysis of accident data has identified that the “runway excursion” category, where the aircraft departs the runway during takeoff or landing, is the most common type of accident reported annually.



Runway excursion can result in loss of life, and injury to persons either on board the aircraft or on the ground. It can also lead to damage to aircraft, and airfield or off airfield equipment including other aircraft, or buildings struck by the aircraft.



Runway excursions occur while an aircraft is either taking off or landing. They can be attributed to one or multiple factors ranging from unstable approaches, failure to go around, and the condition of the runway. It is essential that all parties involved (such as Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Airport Authorities, Air Navigation service Providers) work together to mitigate the hazards that result in an accident.



Our Runway Excursion resources provide useful and detailed information to enhance awareness of runway excursion and their contributing factors.

Runway Excursion Risk Reduction (RERR) Toolkit

We joined with ICAO and many other international safety organizations to develop the 2nd edition of the Runway Excursion Risk Reduction Toolkit (RERR 2nd Edition).


Features of this edition include:


  • a benchmark industry-wide survey based on the Air Carrier Self Audit Checklist

  • a Runway Excursion Risk Management Process (RMP) for operators; animations of events that nearly resulted in runway excursions

  • materials to support a 2-day runway excursion workshop; and case studies designed to be used in workshops.


It also emphasizes airport and air navigation service provider’s activities with best practices for ATM and aerodromes.

Runway Safety Implementation Kit

This kit has been developed in line with ongoing cooperative efforts to resolve what remains the number one priority for global aviation safety experts. 

The Runway Safety Implementation Kit (Runway Safety i-Kit) has been developed in collaboration with IATA, ICAO, ACI, CANSO, ICCAIA, FSF, IFALPA, IFATCA, IBAC, IAOPA, FAA, EASA and EUROCONTROL.


This i-Kit contains Runway Safety references and tools from the Runway Safety Program partners. 

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