Risk Analysis In International Freight Transportation

- Jun 07, 2016 -

Different countries between law, policy, religion, culture and customs of different; different factors for different local climate, temperature, temperature, rainfall, air humidity typhoon; different geographical position, geological structure, and topography, geomorphology different and to the international transport of goods brought very big risk. To guard against the risk, we must first recognize the risk existing in the carriage of goods, the causes of the risk, elimination of the hazard from the fundamental grabbed, "nip in the future is to guard against the risk of international trade policy," to reduce the risk to the lowest point is Zhongce, damage occurred can claim "is the worst.

More than 85% of the goods in international trade are transported by sea, but the risk of sea transport is much greater than that of other modes of transport. How to reduce the risk to the lowest point through the purchase of freight insurance, the risk of loss to the lowest point of the trade? First, we find the kind of risk existing in international marine cargo transportation, come to understand the John Hancock insurance cargo insurance agents experts for international ocean marine cargo transportation design of freight insurance scheme.

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