Police Seeking Owner Driver Courier Mail Greatly Love

- Feb 01, 2016 -

Originally, the afternoon of December 25, Wang Tuanhui and police Kong Yangyang, Yin Xiaolei, Yang Jihui from luohe case back, in the Luo dances on the highway, found a farm on a small truck lost 4 large suitcases, owner of high speeds, don't know; after stopping to pick up to the trunk, agricultural vehicle had disappeared. Wang Tuanhui following consultation with police and decisively catch, catching until Xu ping southern section of South high to catch up with lost suitcases of farm transport vehicle, and chased more than 20 kilometers, and finally return the owner picked up the suitcase.

Xie Shijun wrote at the end of the letter: "I am an ordinary farmer, would not say what, from my heart, I am very grateful for ' doing good COP, good Defender does not go down, people. This sent a thank-you note to your Council, small token of my gratitude for your King! Once again our heartfelt thanks to people's good COP! ”

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