Peak Express Around Customization Services To Create "double 11" Services VIP

- Feb 01, 2016-

With the development of e-commerce, consumers shopping online trading volume continues to increase, demand for express services is growing. Past e-commerce online shopping Carnival "double 11" ahead, as domestic express delivery giant, one of the peaks Express is also gearing up, punch frequently express character customization, to create the "double 11" during the peak business Express VIP service.

In the "Internet + background", to guarantee the quality of service as the premise, according to the lapse of time, services, mode of transport to determine the price, launch market express category for the express company is the right choice. Express more "fast" is a fundamental goal, to provide consumers with customized service is the goal of sublimation. Fast, accurate, and "customized services", development of China's express delivery market is fine, maybe a new generation courier coming: Express era of customized services.

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