July Australia's Two Major Port Throughput Than The Average Decline

- Aug 09, 2016-

Australia is China's largest iron ore import source country, China trade network (Snet), under the influence of China's economic transformation, Australian iron ore exports or somewhat fell.

Australia Pilbara Port Authority (Pilbara Ports Authority, PPA) released data show that in July this year, the Pilbara port throughput totaled 52.9 million tons, down by 5.4% compared to June; throughput compared to 2% growth over the same period last year.

And throughput in the global largest commodities export port, Port Hedland, Australia, Port Hedland) July port throughput is 39 million tons, of which iron ore shipments to 3872 million tons, annulus is compared last month fell 7.4 percent, compared to the same period last year, down 1.2%.

Chinese freight network (Snet) to understand, at present the Main Port Hedland trader for BHP and FMG. Due to the new mines Roy Hill plans at the end of 2016 production speeds up to 55 million tons / year, is currently trying to increase production, is expected within the next few months, Port Hedland port iron ore shipments will also increase.

BHP expects its fiscal 2017 Western Australia iron ore production from the 2016 fiscal year 2.57 tons to 2.65-2.75 million tons (100% equity). FMG expects its fiscal year 2017 shipments will increase from 1.694 to 1.65-1.7 million tons in fiscal year 2016.

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