International Cargo Ocean Transportation Insurance Scheme

- Jun 07, 2016-

ICC (A) clause of London Insurance Association

Underwriting due to lead to natural disasters, accidents and general extraneous risks of loss of or damage to the goods; the underwriting general average and salvage charges; indemnified by the insurer under the contract of carriage set "ship collision liability clause, by is insurance payable proportionate liability. detailed description

London insurance institute war risk clause

Underwriting losses and damage caused by the following reasons: 1, war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, rebellion or caused by civil strife, or warring states or the Warring States of any hostile act; 2, the above article 1 of risk risk caused by the capture and detention, detention, prohibition, seizure, and the consequences of this kind of behavior or the attempt to; 3, abandoned mines, torpedoes and bombs or other derelict weapons of war. detailed description

London Insurance Association strike clause

Underwriting due to the strike, was forced to shut down workers, participate in strikes, riots, civil struggle. Any terrorist or any person for political purposes to take action caused the cargo loss, damage, underwriting general average and salvage charges. detailed description

To clean up the debris extension clause

The cost of removing the damaged property caused by the loss of goods caused by the risk of the insured by the insurer in the form of the insurance policy, the cost shall be limited to 10% of the insured amount of the damaged goods.

Errors and omissions extension clause

Are the interests of the insurer does not transport due to any non intentional delay, error or omission to report any amount of insurance, insurable interest, means of transport or a range of information or the insurance subject replaced by any other means of transport and affected. detailed description

Loading and unloading expansion clause

The loss caused by the insured goods during the period before and after the transportation of the insured goods.

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