International Air Transport And International Express Courier Six Differences

- Aug 09, 2017-

  International air transport and international Express Courier six differences

  1, the main transport

  The main body of international air transport is the major airlines, such as Air China, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, the United States Northwest Airlines. The freight company delivers the goods you want to ship to the designated destination (that is, the airport of the receiving party) through these large international airlines.

  2, the scope of services

  International air transport can only be sent to the airport (there are a few short to send), and international Express Courier is generally door to door.

  3, service content

  Express Courier: package domestic and destination country customs clearance agency service, package delivery, but not the subject country tariff.

  Air: do not pack the country clearance, guests need to go to the airport to clean up their own customs clearance, do not pack the country tariffs.

  4, aging

  International air transport and international Express Courier transport almost the same time, are a few days or so. Some places are faster with international air transport, and some places are faster with international courier. Such as to Tokyo, Japan, with international air transport should be the fastest, in short, the difference will not be great. The speed of aging is mainly related to the following three factors:

  ① transport company's efficiency and strength

  ② Airport flight schedule

  ③ destination clearance speed

  5, billing methods

  International air transport is calculated in terms of volume weight and actual weight. Note: The volume weight is calculated according to the formula of length * width * ÷ 5000, where length, width and height are calculated in centimeters. Bulky goods called Paohuo, also known as bubble goods. Such as cotton.

  International Express Courier in the major courier companies, such as the four major international Express Courier giants - DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, and international air transport are the same way to calculate the freight, that is, the volume weight and the actual weight of its big. Only EMS international courier is an exception, according to the weight to charge (no matter how much volume).

  6, tracking the way goods

  Express Courier: You can use the international Express Courier delivery company to provide the waybill number, in the courier company website tracking inquiries.

  Air: You can get the bill of lading on the airline website.

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