Incident Review Meeting

- May 19, 2016 -

The Incident Review Meeting (IRM) provides industry input to the IATA Safety Group (SG) through a review of significant industry accidents, incidents, and potential incidents spanning the entire global sphere of commercial air transportation. 

The meeting may recommend solutions to the SG regarding industry safety issues when appropriate. 

September 7 - September 8, 2016Montreal, CanadaIATA   Airline Safety Managers

Outline of the week's activities

  • Tuesday: Alliance Safety Committee meetings (Airline Safety Committee members only, time to be arranged by Alliance Safety Committees)

  • Wednesday: 0900-1700 Incident Review Meeting day 1 (open to airlines and strategic partners)

  • Thursday: 0830-1030 Incident Review Meeting day 2 (open to airlines and strategic partners)

  • Thursday: 1100-1500 Lithium Batteries -  ULD Workshop (open to airlines and strategic partners)

  • Thursday : 1600 Safety Group meeting (SG Members only, by separate invitation)

  • Friday: 0900-1700 Safety Group meeting (SG Members only, by separate invitation)

Present at the Incident Review Meeting

If you are interested in presenting an event at the Incident Review Meeting, please complete the presentation form; we will include it in the agenda.

The value of the Incident Review Meeting is directly related to the number and quality of these presentations. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to volunteer for a presentation if your carrier has experienced a significant event, or avoided a significant event through timely action. 

Incident Review Meetings are held under Chatham House Rule, where no identified information should leave the meeting.

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