How To Avoid Tariffs On Express Courier Items

- Aug 09, 2017-

  How to avoid tariffs on Express Courier items

  In the foreign trade industry, in particular, small and medium-sized sellers in the network, in the mail items often encounter tariffs, such as a worthless small package in the country, but when the package arrived in the country where the customer's customs, was told to pay the actual Value is not equal to the tariff. This happens, in general, in addition to tax is deducted or returned, the loss of freight does not say, the customer experience is even worse, damage the seller reputation, the impression. So, how to maximize the avoidance of tariffs?

  1) the amount of declared value

  The tax exemption amount of each country's customs may be filled in according to the customs terms of each country.

  In some countries the customs value of the declaration on the 30USD small pieces of goods, customs inspection will be more stringent, therefore, the proposed value of the declared as much as possible to maintain within 30USD. Because the claim is of high value, the recipient may pay a high tariff. And more stringent in customs clearance, often lead to the occurrence of goods, and may require the recipient to provide relevant commercial invoices.

  2) forked delivery address, sub-votes more postal mail!

  Express Courier items, you can think of ways or let buyers think of ways to get a few more to reach the city's city address, the goods sub-ticket sent to the same city's different addresses, the address is not far apart, easy to check. Or the votes of the post, if the same day, send a few messages to the same country the same address, it is best to use different specifications, different colors of packaging.

  3) forked delivery time.

  International courier when the goods a few days off, send some day, each ticket can be determined in accordance with the specific value of the declaration, the general one is about two boxes.

  4) control the weight of a single piece of goods.

  International courier, Express Courier a ticket large cargo, single box weight is best not more than 20 kg. Generally controlled at 10-20 kg best.

  5) Keep the best delivery cycle

  International courier, each shipment is greater than 2 days apart. Even more time. General advice is the last clearance to complete, and then send the next batch of goods for the best.

  6) use the new address

  International courier if the goods and more, as much as possible to find a few recipient addresses and packaging specifications to be different, Express Courier if frequently with the same address, high deduction rate. If there is no extra address, be sure to pay attention to the delivery cycle.

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