Global Mail Demand Characteristics

- Oct 10, 2017-

Foreign trade industry-based customer groups have a very high demand for the global delivery of mail, but in China, a considerable number of enterprises trapped in this, mainly in the past, such as e-mail distribution, can also send directly into the trash, The main reason is:

1, the mail system or the mailbox provider does not have the correct settings (such as EHLO or IP reverse resolution);

2, China and foreign network speed or China's export firewall security factors;

3, the e-mail system or mail provider used by the IP address or IP address of the customer's mail server or customer use of anti-spam organization as spam blacklist;

4, the use of dynamic IP to establish e-mail system;

5, other factors.

Which companies need mail to send and receive services worldwide?

1, foreign trade companies

2, shipping company

3, foreign - funded enterprises

4, in China with offices or branch of the foreign-funded enterprises

5, other companies often communicate with foreign mail

6, the use of dynamic IP


Vertical and horizontal data launched a foreign mail relay business and the global professional mail server rental hosting services, through our foreign mail relay and the global professional mail server rental services, use in the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea , Singapore, Australia and other parts of the world's best mail relay server, users do not need to change any settings for enterprise mail users, only in the enterprise's own mail server (currently most of the mail system support) to set a simple , Greatly increase the business to foreign mail server to send e-mail success rate, to ensure that the customer's mail contact smooth, to ensure the normal business.

Originally from China directly to the destination where the mail server, now through the vertical and horizontal data and vertical and horizontal data mail technology partners to provide you with the overseas mail link server group to provide you with multiple SMTP send service, through Japan and Europe Mail server to send out, greatly improving the efficiency of e-mail sent, and can reduce the unnecessary spam caused by China's spam.

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