Flex Fares

- May 11, 2016-

A large proportion of trips require the services of two or more airlines in order for the passenger to complete a single journey. The interline system is a global network of international air transport services linking most cities with scheduled air services.

It provides a travel option that enables:

  • Fully flexible fares

  • Last minute change/routings on other airlines

  • A single ticket (fare) for a journey using two or more carriers

  • Baggage transfer at connecting points

These Flex Fares are new multilateral interline fares derived from published carrier fares. The concept is simple: for a given market, a base fare is calculated using available carrier fares in the market, and an interline premium is added which reflects the flexibility in an IATA fare.

Key Benefits

  • Fares are driven by and linked to market prices

  • Consumers enjoy the flexibility of interlining and conditions

  • E-Tariffs process  save participating airlines time and expense  

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