Express Courier Modern Society Can Not Replace The Basic Industries

- Sep 04, 2017-

Express Courier, also known as courier is a courier function of the door to door logistics activities, refers to the courier company through railways, highways and air transport and other means of transport, rapid delivery of customer goods. As an important part of the postal industry, express delivery has a wide range of industries, to attract more employment, high economic value, technical characteristics and other characteristics. It integrates the functions of information transmission, item delivery, capital circulation and cultural transmission, and is related to production, circulation, consumption, investment and finance. It is an irreplaceable basic industry of modern society.

First, packaging matters

1, the basic requirements of the packaging is not really have a gap in the box, the standard is no shaking sound and forced pressure box joints and not to tape off, but also to take into account from the height of 2 meters naturally to ensure that no damage.

2, involving the transport of goods to be particularly enhanced packaging, because the road transport is generally 1-2 times loading and unloading, and air transport may have 6-7 times the loading and unloading process.

3, the weight of a single piece does not exceed 50 kg; benchmark parts of the length of a single piece of goods shall not exceed 180 cm; plate length of goods shall not be more than 150 cm; for small items can not be smaller than the minimum size of the bill of lading.

4, strictly prohibit the delivery of sub-package (that is, two separate items through a simple bundle, winding way together to become an item).

5, generally not afraid of falling and soft items (clothing, bags, plush toys) can use plastic bags (PAK bags) packaging to reduce transportation costs, but pay attention to sealing.

6, all the items first with plastic film or plastic paper to do a layer of packaging.

7, for the original with the sale of packaging items, the general business have taken into account the risk of transport, can be added outside the 1 layer of foam film plus 2-3 layers of kraft paper and tape can be repeated winding.

8, their packaging can be selected according to the different items within the three-tier or 5-layer box, in order to reduce costs can be customized through a group of different specifications of the carton.

9, for their own packaging of general items, you can prepare some of the old newspaper torn to break in the box to do pad (of course, with sponge or foam debris better).

10, the drum-shaped items of the outer packaging shall not be shorter than the inside, the longer and easy to break the items should be lined with solid round or hard plastic drums as packaging.

Note: There is no strict compliance with the packaging requirements of the standard may lead to no compensation, need to act according to different courier company rules and regulations.

Second, the domestic situation

China Express Express industry has developed rapidly, has been formed in eastern China to the coastal city group as the center of the four major regional express delivery circle. At the same time the four Express Express circle and rolling, progressive fan radiation, driving the central and western regions of the development, part of the big cities and mega-cities have become regional express delivery industry development center. And the formation of a nationwide basis to the basic transport routes based on a number of express courier channel, so that China Express Express industry point - axis - surface system was embryonic form.

According to the "2013 - 2017 China Express Industry Market Outlook and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" statistics show that from 1987 onwards, China courier service after 20 years of development has made considerable progress. As of the end of 2006, China's business services to express courier services has reached 2422, employing 227,000 people; courier service business volume has reached 1.06 billion, the business income of about 30 billion yuan, respectively, 1987, 693 times and 375 times The In 2006, the state-owned, private and foreign-funded enterprises realized the express business income of 14.84 billion yuan, 5.24 billion yuan and 9.88 billion yuan respectively, accounting for 49.5%, 17.5% and 33% of the total revenue of express delivery business respectively. In 2006, the state-owned, private and foreign express enterprises completed 61.9275 million pieces, 285.718 million pieces and 1549.36 million pieces respectively, accounting for 58.4%, 27.0% and 14.6% of the total business respectively. Courier services practitioners show a diversified trend, state-owned, private, foreign express delivery enterprises diversified, competing market structure has been formed.

From 2006 to 2012 6 years, China's express delivery business increased from 1 billion to 5.7 billion. Express business volume average annual growth rate of 33.7%, the total size has leapt to the world No. 2, the highest daily processing capacity exceeded 30 million, more than 8,000 different ownership enterprises in accordance with the law fair competition, including five world five hundred Strong business.

April 20, 2017, the State Post Bureau issued the "first quarter of 2017 China Express Development Index Report." In the first quarter, the China Express Development Index was 150.8, up 16.8% year on year. Among them, the service quality index and the development index of the general index of the contribution rate increased, the industry began to enter from the speed scale to the quality and efficiency of the adjustment period. [4]

July 31, 2017, the State Post Bureau official website released "on the first half of 2017 postal industry economic operation of the briefing" shows that the first half of the national courier service business volume totaled 17.32 billion, an increase of 30.7%; business income Totaled 21.812 billion yuan, an increase of 27.2%.

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