Express Courier Introduction Of Main Features

- Nov 06, 2017-

Express Courier is also known as: Courier, is also the door-to-door logistics activities, that is, express company through the railways, highways, air and shipping and other means of transport, customer cargo delivery quickly. In many ways, express delivery is better than postal mail service. In addition to the faster delivery of destinations and the need to sign up, many express delivery workers are now providing mail tracking, delivery time commitment and other services required by customers. As a result, courier charges are much higher than general mail.

Main features of express delivery

Express industry as an important part of the postal industry, with a wide range of driving industry, the absorption of employment, economic value-added, technical characteristics and so on. It integrates various functions such as information transmission, goods delivery, capital circulation and cultural communication, which is an irreplaceable basic industry in modern society, such as production, circulation, consumption, investment and finance.

Express Packaging requirements

1, the basic requirements of packaging is in the box, there can be no gap. The standard is no shaking sound, and forced to press the joint mouth of the box, without the tape falling off, but also to take into account the 2 meters from the height of natural ground to ensure that no damage.

2, the packaging of air cargo should be particularly strengthened, because road transport generally 1-2 times loading and unloading, and air transport may have 6-7 of loading and unloading process.

3, one piece weight does not exceed 50 kilograms; the single piece length of the benchmark goods shall not exceed 180 cm; the length and width of the plate shall not exceed 150 cm; the minimum packing for too small items should not be less than the waybill size.

4, strictly prohibit the delivery of the child Mother package (refers to 2 separate items by simple bundling, winding way together to become an item).

5, generally not afraid of wrestling and soft items (such as clothing, bags, plush toys) can be used in plastic bags (Pak bag) packaging way to reduce transport costs, but pay attention to sealing.

6, all the contents of the inner pieces of plastic film or plastic first to make a layer of packaging.

7, for the original with sales packaging goods, the general business has taken into account the risk of transport, can be outside the 1-layer foam film, plus 2-3 layers of kraft paper and tape repeatedly entangled.

8, their own packaging can be based on the different circumstances of the items to choose $number box, in order to reduce the cost can be purchased by a group of different specifications of the carton.

9, for their own packaging of the general items, can be prepared some of the scrap paper torn and crushed in the box to do pad filling (of course, with sponge or foam plastic debris better).

10. The outer packing of the round bucket item shall not be shorter than the inner part, and the long and breakable items should be lined with a solid round stick or a rigid plastic round bucket as the outer packing material.

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