Express Courier Features And Functions

- Oct 10, 2017-

What are the characteristics of courier

Express industry is the fastest speed in the sender and the recipient of the transport between the urgent issue of the industry. The nature and mode of transport of the express industry is basically the same as that of the general air cargo business. The difference is that it extends and expands the aviation service and is the fastest and most thoughtful form of service in the transportation industry.

① to adapt to the characteristics of economic development The development of modern express industry and commercial economic development are closely linked to a certain extent, reflects the degree of economic development. In the 1950s and 1960s, the economic recovery in Europe led to the gradual formation of the modern express industry. After the 1970s, the Japanese economy began to act in the world. Several Japanese companies on the verge of bankruptcy were emigrated to the West and transformed into operations And the introduction of the characteristics of the Japanese characteristics of the service, so that Japan's express service industry out of blue and better than blue; into the eighties, the rise of four Asian dragons, the world's major courier companies have pre-empted, making South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore's express delivery industry from scratch, and in the late 20th century, a major express delivery company's main source of distribution and distribution center; China's reform and opening up, with the times of China's economic development makes the express industry in China's land surging, The annual growth rate is much higher than the same year GDP growth rate. From 2001 to 2004, roughly 1% of GDP growth in the corresponding increase of 3%, in recent years, the corresponding increase in the proportion of 2.

② fast, secure courier service With advanced computer network, advanced communication network and the fastest means of transport business letters and parcels will be sent to every corner of the world, fast demand so that courier companies must have fast transport and responsible for the distribution of goods, Distribution, delivery of small means of transport, and with the requirements of the means of transport is clearly the aircraft and various types of special vehicles. The number of advanced aircraft owned by the large express delivery company, which is a global express, is not inferior to the number of aircraft owned by the world famous airlines. Of course, different countries and regions of the regional traffic environment, also led to such a region in Japan and Europe, companies rely on large-scale freight cars to bear the long-distance transport. In addition, in the distribution center, especially in the central area of the business area, the courier company must set up a special distribution, transit and control center, equipped with a large warehouse group, information center, control and command center, customer service center, transportation storage center and other facilities , These configurations fully guarantee the security of the express.

③ high-tech products to achieve the door to door or table to the table service, must be timely and accurate to receive customer information, rapid processing of documents, to achieve the full tracking of express mail, at any time to answer customer inquiries. In order to achieve these functions, courier companies must be equipped with advanced computer networks, advanced communications networks and to meet and achieve a variety of personalized, special courier service needs of the unique software and hardware features. In the last decade of the 20th century, UPS invested a total of $ 11 billion in electronic technology to achieve a tight track for every step of the package, which allowed it to take advantage of the e-commerce tide. 3 ④ excellent service function As the express service service form is the table to the table, door to door, it needs to carry out the whole process of tracking, the customer wants to be able to query the express mail in real time, so the courier company must be based on the quality service Keep customers.

What is the role of courier

① Express to meet the rapid transmission of information and information. In international trade and economic activities, the rapid transfer of business documents is very important. When companies make major decisions in economic activities, they often have to go through repeated information exchange to make any delay and delay, which may make the enterprise lose its favorable position in the rapidly changing international market and fierce competition. Therefore, the express business is very good To meet this need.

② courier business can make the bank's bills of exchange, checks, letters of credit and the relevant documents reliable and quickly to the remote bank exchange, these documents as early as one day can save considerable interest, while promoting the import and export business.

(3) The development of international maritime industry, especially the emergence of container ships, the speed of ship navigation, the improvement of port loading and unloading efficiency, etc., are required to reduce the ship in Hong Kong time accordingly. Therefore, all shipments must be sent to the relevant port authorities at the port of destination before the arrival of the ship, which would reduce the loss of the ship's schedule and port charges.

④ courier services to see the kind of transaction samples, processing samples, as well as advertising, construction, insurance, film, news reports and other information transmission, also plays a very important role; express goods have long been out of the scope of goods, The service object is not limited to the trade sector.

⑤ With the rapid development of e-commerce, with its interface, the rapid increase in Internet users. Cross-border and long-distance purchase of personal goods will be commonplace, the rapid increase in parcels will have a safe, fast and reliable characteristics of the courier industry demand will be a substantial increase. It can be seen that the role of express delivery in the international economic exchange is more and more significant, and its scope of application is also expanding.

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