Express Courier Development Process

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Express delivery is also the door-to-door logistics activities, that is, express company through the railways, highways and air transport, and other means of delivery of customer goods. As an important part of the postal industry, Express has a wide range of industries, absorbing more employment, high economic value-added, technical characteristics and so on. It integrates various functions such as information transmission, goods delivery, capital circulation and cultural communication, which is an irreplaceable basic industry in modern society, such as production, circulation, consumption, investment and finance.

Development process

Early 20th century, the world-renowned courier company in a city business activities, the modern express industry's vision after the World War II gradually established.

The 20th century 50-60 years of economic recovery in North America and Europe led to the gradual formation of modern express delivery industry.

In the 60-70 of the 20th century, the introduction of advanced management means and methods based on electronic computers, the development of expressways and large-scale aircraft made the express industry start to develop rapidly to the national network and the Global network.

Japan's economy began to take off after the 1970s, and several Japanese companies that were on the verge of failing were following the west, transforming into a courier company and introducing services in line with Japanese characteristics, making the Japanese express service surpasses

The 1980s, the rise of the Asian dragons, the world's major express companies have rushed to make South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore Express industry from scratch. The end of 20th century, become a major courier company's main source distribution center.

Since China's reform and opening-up in the 1978, China's economic development with the Times has made the express industry in China surging, the annual growth rate of express industry is much higher than that of GDP growth, 2000 years ago, China's post began to develop.

2016, China Express business volume breakthrough 30 billion, reached 31.35 billion pieces, continue to live in the world's first, annual business income also exceeded 400 billion yuan for the first time. In longitudinal terms, the volume and income of 2016 amounted to more than 31 times times and 13 times times more than 10 years ago.

March 2017, the domestic express logistics enterprises began to trial Express "privacy form", the future will be phased out the printing of consumer key information of the traditional face list. "Privacy form" has begun in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia and other places to pilot, Beijing residents in the fastest April will be able to use this form of privacy.

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