DHL $137 Million Investment In The U.S. Logistics Market

- Aug 11, 2016-

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Prior to the day, the world's leading logistics services group DHL announced a $137 million investment plan for the U.S. logistics market, aimed at $400 billion B2C cross-border logistics market in the electricity market. According to the Accenture-AliResearch report shows that by 2020, the global B2C cross-border electricity suppliers market size will reach $1 trillion.

DHL's DHL business ecommerce said will be in the next few years continue to expand investment to the United States and logistics, expand in the United States exposure, because more and more people in the world more and more consumers from online retailers in the United States where to buy the product, the news is released in the DHL ecommerce and DHL supply chain, announcing a joint operation in Los Angeles, Columbus, Ohio, New Jersey, logistics center.Chief DHLeCommerce executive officer Charles Brewer said: "almost no one industry so prosperous as business development, is expected to 2020, the world will have 10 billion people online shopping, while the United States is the most of the world's consumers shopping destination (25%). The investment is intended to expand our position in the cross-border electricity suppliers in the logistics industry, providing the best infrastructure, to the U.S. consumers the best logistics solutions to get more market share."

ECommerce DHL hopes to expand its profitability and improve its exposure in the U.S. electricity suppliers logistics market. Last year, the first Columbo logistics center began operations, the Losangeles logistics center has also been completed, in 2017, eCommerce DHL will be further in New Jersey and other regions to establish a logistics center. In addition, Express DHL spent $1 million 300 thousand to build the opening of the new logistics center in Chicago, to meet the strong demand for electricity supplier logistics in the region. Just 1 years ago, the freight forwarding business Forwarding DHLGlobal spent $35 million to build a logistics center. These infrastructure will be able to ensure that retailers will be more products to consumers in the hands of,

Now, global cross-border B2C e-commerce market value of nearly 40 billion and is expected to the will continue to expand, especially in emerging markets, is expected to the annual national electricity market growth rate will reach 28%, followed by Western Europe and North America. This was due to the growth of China's middle class population (2020 will grow to $6.3 billion), Asia Pacific area purchasing power is the biggest area, business sales of the overall total of 48%. And research shows that more and more Chinese consumers from the U.S. electricity supplier website to buy local or foreign products are relatively low, they like the "American made" products. And DHL will take advantage of this to expand the exposure rate in the United states.

By 2020, $137 million will be used to build 8 logistics centers and to improve 2 existing logistics centers in Losangeles and Columbo. The new investment plan will also expand the regular delivery and international and domestic logistics services.

DHL another business Parcel - Post-eCommerce, with eCommerce DHL as the core, through the expansion of related logistics business to improve the global exposure rate. In North America, DHL has 20 logistics centers, including 4 international parcels entrance, as well as a logistics center in Toronto and Mexico City. In the future it will expand to Latin America. In the United States, eCommerce DHL has 18 logistics centers, is the United States Post (USPS) the largest partner, so it can go deep into the USPS system, so that the parcel faster delivery.

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