Courier Company On The Packaging Requirements

- Jun 20, 2017-

  Courier company on the packaging requirements

  1, the basic requirements of the packaging is not really have a gap in the box, the standard is no shaking sound and forced pressure box joints and not to tape off, but also to take into account from the height of 2 meters naturally to ensure that no damage.

  2, involving the transport of goods to be particularly enhanced packaging, because the road transport is generally 1-2 times loading and unloading, and air transport may have 6-7 times the loading and unloading process.

  3, the weight of a single piece does not exceed 50 kg; benchmark parts of the length of a single piece of goods shall not exceed 180 cm; plate length of goods shall not be more than 150 cm; for small items can not be smaller than the minimum size of the bill of lading.

  4, strictly prohibit the delivery of sub-package (that is, two separate items through a simple bundle, winding way together to become an item).

  5, generally not afraid of falling and soft items (clothing, bags, plush toys) can use plastic bags (PAK bags) packaging to reduce transportation costs, but pay attention to sealing.

  6, all the items first with plastic film or plastic paper to do a layer of packaging.

  7, for the original with the sale of packaging items, the general business have taken into account the risk of transport, can be added outside the 1 layer of foam film plus 2-3 layers of kraft paper and tape can be repeated winding.

  8, their packaging can be selected according to the different items within the three-tier or 5-layer box, in order to reduce costs can be customized through a group of different specifications of the carton.

  9, for their own packaging of general items, you can prepare some of the old newspaper torn to break in the box to do pad (of course, with sponge or foam debris better).

  10, the drum-shaped items of the outer packaging shall not be shorter than the inside, the longer size and easy to break the items should be lined with solid round or hard plastic drums as packaging.

  11, for the packaging of the book if you do not use the box, then recommended a stack of bundles, the general non-professional staff of the multi-pile packaging can easily lead to the final package.

  12, for fragile items of packaging, the need for special treatment, if it is necessary to separate the packaging, first with foam film package 4-5 layer, and then the newspaper in the middle of the goods and the box between the pad. If the volume is relatively large or particularly fragile items and valuables (such as glassware, monitors, etc.) must be added to the wooden box packaging.

  13, for liquid items also need to fill enough to absorb all the liquid absorption (cloth or cotton).

  14, the tape is usually wrapped in the joints of the box 2, horizontal wrapped around 1-2, at the same time in the box on the edge of the corner wrapped around a road.

  15, more than 0.1 cubic meters or special weight (10KG above) the box must be packaged with a tape, you can play into a well-shaped or Feng font type.

  16, for the granular material must first be loaded into the solid bag and then placed in the box.

  Note: there is no strict in accordance with the packaging requirements of the standard will likely lead to no compensation, the need to act according to different courier companies rules and regulations.

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