Courier Company Contributed To The Integration Of China's Economy Into Global Integration

- Sep 19, 2017-

Courier company refers to the personal service, so that all outlets of courier door-to-door delivery company. China will express enterprises into four categories, including Foreign Express enterprises have FedEx, Dun Hao, heaven and earth Express, joint package, high maintenance logistics, etc., state-owned express enterprises have China post, civil Aviation Express, Iron Express, etc., there are large-scale private courier companies including Shun Fong, home rush delivery, Shentong Express, Yun Tatsu Express, Yuantong Express and so on.

International Express Company mainly include: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, DPD, DPEX, Glex, domain name registration, such as the main business, the annual volume of 30% growth in China's foreign trade work played a pivotal role, It has contributed to the integration of China's economy into global integration and achieved remarkable social and economic benefits.

Express, is the development and continuation of traditional air cargo, is derived from the air freight forwarding industry. Courier service is the nature of the delivery of goods for you, the way door-to-door service. For example, there is a company specializing in clothing, it has 5,000 stores, distributed in 60 countries, the annual sales of about 50 million clothing. Its headquarters in Dongguan, all the work is carried out through 80 agents. If a store finds a certain style of clothing needs replenishment, immediately notify the designated agent, the agent immediately inform the Dongguan headquarters, the headquarters of this information feedback to the Courier Distribution Center, distribution center in accordance with the needs of the store in a certain amount of time to pack, group, delivery. The entire delivery process can be completed within one week.

China Express industry enterprises are divided into four categories. The first is a foreign-funded express enterprise, including FedEx, DHL (FedEx), World Express (TNT), United Parcel (UPS), high-fidelity Logistics (Glex), etc., Foreign Express enterprises have rich experience, abundant capital and developed global network. The second category is the state-owned express enterprises, including China Post (EMS), Civil Aviation Express (CAE), the Iron Express (CRE), etc., state-owned express enterprises rely on its background and perfect domestic network and in the domestic courier market in a leading position. The third category is large-scale private courier enterprises, including Shun Fong, home emergency delivery, Shentong Express, Yun Tatsu Express, Yuantong Express, large-scale private courier enterprises in the local market after the firm's foothold, has gradually expanded to the country. The fourth category is small private courier enterprises, this type of enterprise small size, flexible management but more chaotic, its main operating in a specific area of the City Express and Provincial express business.

Contrast difference

Service object

Courier company mainly for personal services, and logistics companies mainly for enterprise services. Courier companies are mainly for personal services, such as you have a document to be sent from Beijing to Shanghai, you're looking for a courier company, not a logistics company, like Shun Fung, "four-way Tatsu," and other courier companies, rather than looking for a logistics company, asked how much it would cost to send a document from Beijing to Shanghai. Kunshan Logistics company is mainly to the enterprise services, for example, your company has a car goods from Kunshan shipped to Beijing, then you are looking for the road E station, Kunshan Jiali Freight Co., Ltd., rather than the General courier company, first of all, do not say express Company's high prices, courier companies will not receive such goods.

Transport size

Courier companies are mainly transported under 50kg of goods, such as clothing, documents, fruit, daily necessities, small quantities of electronic products and so on, is mainly a little object. Kunshan Logistics company mainly transport large-scale goods, such as large machinery, bulky equipment, a number of products.

How much to transport

To send a mobile phone to the field, you can find a courier company, if it is a group of mobile phones, it is necessary to find logistics company. For the number of products must be to find logistics companies to be more cost-effective, if one-time express hundreds of mobile phones, the safety of goods, including costs are the problem.

Mode of transportation

Courier companies are by the various outlets courier door-to-door delivery, and logistics companies are basically dedicated line transport, or LCL transport, LTL transport and so on, Suzhou logistics companies are mostly in a fixed location, unless it is a large chain of logistics enterprises, otherwise they can only transport local goods, that is, from the local to the field shipments.

Different price

Why do you sometimes transport the same cargo logistics company and express Company differences will be so big? Express companies are couriers with electric cars, motorcycles and other goods delivery, and logistics companies are the whole vehicle cargo delivery, LCL transport, but also large cargo. I believe that if only for dozens of dollars of goods, on a special car to deliver, logistics companies will be lost, and the cost will certainly be extraordinary high.

Arrival time

Express Company is the national network, basically the goods are bulk transport, and logistics companies are different, unless a one-time vehicle cargo, or logistics company is slower than The courier company. Express Company's cargo air, and logistics companies are mostly land, in time, certainly no express company fast.

Number Inquiry

Express delivery company every receipt of a cargo is a courier number, used to give each product classification, but also convenient user inquiries related courier information. and logistics companies are basically no express number, unless it is the kind of large-scale logistics companies nationwide chain, there will be express number, the general small and medium-sized logistics companies will not have a number of this statement, but also difficult to find a number in its official online.

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