Continental Airlines To Start New Year With Biofuel Flight

- Jun 14, 2016-

CONTINENTAL will be first carrier in the Americas to conduct biofuel flight in partnership with Boeing,GE Aviation,GFM International and Honeywell's UOP,the company announced.

  New York-listed Continental Airlines said it plan to text biofuel power with a demonstration flight in Houston on January 7.The flight will be powered by a special fuel blend including components derived from algae and jatropha plants;sustainable,second-generation fuel sources that don't impact food crops or water resources and don't contribute to deforestation,said a company statement.

  Continental has joined with Boeing;CFM International,a 50/50 joint company of General Electric Company and Snecma(SAFRAN Group);refining technology developer UOP,a Honeywell company;and oil providers Sapphire Energy(algae)and Terrasol(jatropha)

  The flight will be the first biofuel flight by a commercial carrier using algae as a fuel source and the first using a two-engine aircraft,a Boeing 737-800 equipped with CFM International CFM56-7B engines,said a Continental statement.

  The fuel used in one of the two CFM engines during the demonstration flight will be a bllend of 50 per cent traditional jet fuel,and 50 per cent biofuel from algae and jatropha,the company said.

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