Common Requirements For 4 Types Of Air Freight Packaging

- Nov 02, 2017-

1, carton: should be able to withstand the same kind of packaging goods 3 meters or 4 floor of the total weight.

2. Wooden box: thickness and structure should be suitable for the need of safe transportation of goods; the wooden cases of valuables, precision instruments and fragile articles shall not have such defects as corrosion, moth-eaten and cracks.

3, wood frame: the preparation of close, neat, firm, continuous article, Air Freight not a section, the size of the outside to not exceed 50x50x60 cm appropriate, a single piece of gross weight of not more than 40 kilograms appropriate, inside the cargo and gasket material shall not leak out. Should be able to withstand the same type of goods in the 3-storey height of the total weight.

4, iron Drums: The thickness of the metal should be compared with the weight of the load. A single piece gross weight of 25-100 kg of small and medium-sized iron drums, should use 0.6-1.0 mm of metal production, a single gross weight in 101-180 kilograms of large iron drums, should use 1.25-1.5 mm of tin production.

In short, if you want to carry out Air Freight, shippers need to know how the goods can be packaged through air, whether the need for special packaging packaging, or cartons for packaging, etc., so shippers will not because the packaging does not comply with the requirements of repackaging or improvement.

1. The packing of the goods shall be solid and intact in order to prevent the breakage of the packaging, leakage and dissipation of the contents in the course of transportation, Air Freight prevent the damage or deterioration of the goods caused by the stacking, friction, shock or air pressure and temperature changes, and prevent injury to operators or polluting aircraft, ground equipment and other

2. The advanced material in the package (such as sawdust and paper scraps) cannot be leaked. In addition to paper bag packaging of goods (such as documents, information, etc.), Air Freight the consignment should be packed with packaging. It is strictly prohibited to use grass bags or rope to bundle goods.

3. Packaging should be suitable for the nature, status and weight of the goods, but also to facilitate handling, loading and unloading and stacking; the outer surface of the packaging can not have prominent nails, hooks, spines, etc., packaging should be neat, dry, no odor and grease.

4. The packing belt used for bundling the goods shall be able to withstand the full weight of the goods and ensure that the goods are not disconnected when they are lifted.

5. If the packaging of the goods does not conform to the relevant provisions of this manual, Air Freight the shipper should be required to improve or repackaging the rear to be shipped.

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