Choose A Best Logistics Partner In China

- Jun 24, 2019-

Choose logistics enterprises with strength. Find a logistics enterprise with good reputation and service, and establish long-term contract and cooperation relationship. It is more guaranteed to explicitly stipulate in the contract the issue of damage and compensation. In addition, the consignee can choose the logistics enterprise, so that they can take part in the responsibility. Buying insurance reduces losses. Many customers think that they will transport the goods to the logistics company, and the two sides have reached an agreement. In the process of transportation, there are any problems, no matter whether the insurance is bought or not, the logistics company must take full responsibility, so some shippers do not consider buying insurance in order to reduce the cost of logistics. Logistics companies believe that, before reminding customers to buy goods insurance, from the receiving point to the delivery point, there are some uncertainties in the transport process, so the responsibility is not necessarily all in the logistics company. If the customer buys the cargo insurance, he can claim the money at this time. If the cargo owner fails to purchase insurance during the transit accident, the logistics company can only make a claim according to a certain proportion of the freight.
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