Characteristics Of Sea Freight

- Jun 05, 2017-

  Characteristics of Sea Freight

  Ocean transportation is the most important mode of transportation in international trade, more than two-thirds of the total volume of international trade, most of our import and export goods are transported by means of ocean transportation. Ocean transportation is large in volume, Sea Freight costs are low, the waterway in all directions, is its advantages. But the speed is slow, the navigation risk is big, the sailing date is not easy to be accurate, is its shortcoming.

  According to the mode of operation of the ship, ocean transportation can be divided into liner transportation and charter transportation.

  Liner Sea Freight

  A. Characteristics of liner Transport: (L) Liner Sea Freight has a fixed sailing schedule, routes, port of call and relative fixed freight rate; (2) The liner freight includes the loading and unloading fee, so the port of the liner is responsible for the ship's handling; (3) The quantity of liner cargo is more flexible, and shippers are required to order cabin, especially for general groceries and container cargo transportation.

  B. Liner freight.

  Liner Sea Freight charges are stipulated by the liner tariff, including basic freight and various surcharge. The basic freight is divided into two main categories: one is the traditional freight transportation of groceries;

  Groceries are also charged on the basis of the commodity price or the number of pieces. A large quantity of low-value goods may be negotiated between the ship and the cargo.

  The surcharge for liner freight is numerous, including the extra surcharge, overweight surcharge, choice of port surcharge, alteration of port surcharge, fuel surcharge, congestion surcharge, cruise surcharge, transshipment surcharge and direct-flight surcharge.

  In addition to the above-mentioned Sea Freight costs, the cost of container transportation shall include the related service charge and equipment utilization fee.

  In addition, the liner company mixed with different goods in the same packaging, according to the higher fees charged by the freight. The same ticket goods, such as packaging different, their billing level and standards are also different, if the shipper fails to separate the gross weight and volume according to the different packing, then the total of the goods according to the higher charge charges, the same bill of lading has two or more different goods, if the shipper did not specify gross weight and volume, also from the high billing.

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