Canada Intercepted A Toxic Package Sent To Calgary By China

- Aug 11, 2016-

Canada Intercepted A Toxic Package Sent To Calgary By China

Police said the case, these drugs are extremely toxic, can be used to produce 50 million deadly drugs. The number of the existing population of Canada, these drugs can kill all Canadians!

Kafinta Ni is a powerful anesthetic, only 20 micrograms (one million grams) of Kafinta Ni, you can cause death.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Calgary police arrested 24-year-old man Ryan (Joshua Wrenn), and has to his control to illegal imports and trafficking charges of controlled items, on October 19 in the Calgary provincial court hearing.

Calgary International Airport and Border Agency Operation Executive ana Maria coutu said, write on the package is printer accessories, however, the survey found that white matter, looks like salt is actually one of the most potent opioid drugs (opioids), carfentanil, toxic than fentanyl strong 100 times. To deal with the services of these drugs, the need to wear protective equipment.

RCMP spokesman Allan Lai said that one kilogram of carfentanil can produce 50 million and strong toxicity after fentanyl 100 times the lethal dose, once spread in the streets in Canada, the consequences could be disastrous.

Fentanyl has killed hundreds of people in Canada, including 443 in Asia since 2014. British Columbia premier Christy Christy Clark announced earlier established a task force, urge the federal government to strengthen blocking fentanyl drugs into the province.

At the same time, the abuse of a drug overdose, classified as emergent public health accidents, so far this year BC has more than 371 people due to drug overdose deaths.

Kagali (Calgary), located in the southern part of Alberta Province, province, is located at the foot of the mountain, is to enter the recent aviation city of Banff National Park. The early Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan are translated as Calgary, after the immigrants from the mainland to Calgary.

Calgary International Airport is one of Canada's busiest airport, hub airport for western Canada. WestJet's headquarters, 17 kilometers away from the downtown, long-term to provide direct flights to fly in Europe, the United States, Central America, China, Japan and Canada, otherwise freight and charter flights to destinations in Asia. At present, China air to Calgary route has Hainan Airlines opened in Shenzhen - Calgary - Beijing route, flight number HU7977/8, the implementation of the model A330/B787, every Tuesday, four, six or seven implementation.

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