British Bar UPS Air Cargo Shipments Over New Security Code Compliance

- Apr 22, 2016-

GLOBAL US courier service UPS has been banned from sending air cargo through some of its facilities in the United Kingdom after failing to comply with new security regulation.The Associated Press reported.

“The department has restricted the number of sites in the UK at which UPS Ltd are permitted to screen air cargo until it has satisfied current security requirements,said a transport department statement.

The new security measures were imposed last November following the discovery of A1-Qaedas explosives at East Midlands Airport and in Dubai.Police removed the bomb at East Midlands Airport from a UPS plane after receiving intelligence from Saudi Arabia.

UPS said in a statement that after the departments scheduled review in relation to security,some facilities have been temporarily taken offline,which in some cases has led to delays in the movement of packages,adding that the company has activated contingency plans,communicated with customers and expects service levels to return to normal as soon as possible.

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