Big Dipper-Ben! People Applying For Identity Cards Can Be Express In Jieyang City Home

- Feb 01, 2016-

For further convenience and benefit services, practicing the party's mass line, efforts to raise the level of satisfaction with the work of public security of the people, the city administration in the police management team initiative with the provincial public security administration in the public security authority administration, China postal express and logistics Corporation, Jieyang City Branch and other units to communicate, on May 12 of this year launched the second generation of citizen ID card postal express mail service. Public administration in the police station window to apply for, renew and go through when the second generation of citizen ID card, simply select the express mail service, express mail company in 2~4 after receiving the document ID in the specified address within one business day delivery, recipients with a receipt to prove and in accordance with the standards of 20 Yuan per piece postage you can check Show documents. In this process, members of the public can also call the post Express customer service telephone card posting.

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