Amazon Sellers Choose FBA Transfer Service, Which Can Save 50% Head To Head Freight.

- Oct 09, 2018-

Amazon sellers choose FBA transfer service, which can save 50% head to head freight.

Amazon's cross-border sellers, basically 70% of the shipping mode will choose FBA.

One of the reasons is that choosing the delivery mode of FBA can increase the exposure of the store on Amazon platform.

Second: the FBA mode of delivery, Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance in the destination country, as well as the payment of customs duties, which requires cross-border sellers to personally, or to find a reliable destination clearance company to clear customs, and then the goods to the destination FBA warehouse.

In order to better understand the delivery mode of the seller on Amazon, we will elaborate on the following aspects:


Amazon seller's optional FBA header solution

The most important thing is to ensure timeliness, if timeliness is not guaranteed, may affect the end of the logistics delivery, and then affect the consumer's shopping experience, FBA timeliness can not keep up with the follow-up end of the delivery, no matter how fast the timeliness, may not make up for the delay due to the head. It leads to overall delay in time.

Therefore, when the seller on Amazon chooses the logistics mode of FBA header, timeliness is the decisive factor. The following is the preferred header solution for the seller on Amazon:

1. postal packet: EMS, etc.

2. international express: USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL

3. logistics freight forwarding: logistics freight forwarding companies, etc.


Amazon seller's optional trailing solution

For the end of the solution, Amazon's cross-border sellers have a lot to choose from, mainly depends on the seller's financial conditions and market forecasting ability. The solution for tail flow can be divided into the following:

01 sellers build overseas warehouses

Sellers build their own warehouses overseas. For qualified sellers, their own warehouses overseas can control the entire operation process and save time and cost in communication. But there are also some difficulties, such as: sellers build their own warehouses overseas, the location of the warehouse, the selection of warehouse equipment, the recruitment of warehouse workers have to personally. The overall cost may be higher, so cross-border e-commerce vendors must consider carefully if they consider building their own overseas warehouses.

02 third party overseas warehouse

The shipping mode of the third party overseas warehouse can be divided into two specific situations.

(1) Rental: In the case of rental, cross-border e-commerce vendors may need more human and time costs to communicate and dock, including how to dock packages to third-party warehouses and how to deliver them.

(2) Joint construction: In the case of joint construction, cross-border e-commerce vendors can enjoy warehouse warehousing services, in terms of initiative than the lease situation is better, which is similar to the current pattern of many cross-border vendors holding a group to build warehouses.

03 FBA storehouse

FBA delivery mode is limited, not every kind of goods are suitable for FBA, therefore, cross-border e-commerce sellers in the selection of FBA delivery mode, must take the goods in the store as a reference standard, and then decide to send FBA.


How can Amazon sellers use FBA transfer to save transportation costs?

Do Amazon platform, cross-border sellers will undoubtedly do FBA warehouse, it is understood that some multi-platform sellers in eBay and other platforms in the case of a small number of units, will also use the FBA multi-channel distribution function to non-Amazon platform customers shipment.

Of course, many big sellers are using the combination of overseas warehouse and FBA warehouse, so that they can each have their own strengths, large quantities of goods sent to overseas warehouse and then small wholesale FBA, so that the use of overseas warehouse for transit, on the one hand, can shorten the FBA lead time, on the other hand, can reduce the FBA risk factor, and at the same time play the FB. A's fast distribution and sales promotion functions.

FBA transit service is a high-quality and efficient logistics storage and distribution service customized by Amazon Lok PO for Amazon sellers. Sellers can choose the first-class transportation channel to transport the goods to the overseas warehouse of TG-Forwarder according to the actual demand. With the overseas warehouse of TG-Forwarder as the starting point, the seller can print the local express waybill and send it to the FBA warehouse in batches.

TG-Forwarder FBA transit service advantages

1) batch shipment to save head freight;

2) replenish goods in time and avoid inventory crises.

3) price concessions and long warehouse clearance.

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