ALEXANDRA MSC In Singapore Strait Collision, Loss Of 10 Cabinets

- Aug 08, 2016-

  According to the Singapore maritime and Port Authority (hereinafter referred to as MPa) official website released a statement shows, local time on August 3rd at 2355 received the news, Singapore's Straits, a ship name DreamII large crude oil transport ship (VLCC) and a ship Mediterranean Shipping flag under the name for MSC Alexandra's ultra large container ship (two ships are all in Panama) collision in Singapore Island channel Sebarok 3 km southeast of office.

  Allegedly DreamII bow suffered a certain degree of damage, MSC Alexandra of the aft port suffered huge damage.

 II Dream suffered a certain damage, the bow of the container.

  According to the newspaper MSC Alexandra on a total of 10 empty fall, 4 of them fell into the Dream II of the bow, the rest fell into the.After receiving the message, the MPA immediately to the ship in the channel broadcast navigational warnings, and immediately started the empty salvage and accident investigation work.

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