AirAsia Aircraft Carrier 162 People Lost Contact With The Location Of The Aircraft Is Locked

- Aug 09, 2016-

28 in the morning, Malaysia Asia Airlines from Indonesia, Surabaya, QZ8501 flight to Singapore and lost contact with the ground, the whereabouts unknown.

Indonesia's Ministry of communications, said the aircraft lost contact with the Airbus A320 - 200. Flight carrying 155 passengers, including 138 adults, 16 children and 1 infants, according to nationality, respectively, 149 Indonesian, 3 Korean, 1 British, 1 Malaysia and 1 singaporeans. Chinese Embassy in Indonesia to verify the situation after verification of multi Indonesian, lost contact with the aircraft did not have Chinese citizens.

Indonesia's Ministry of communications, an official said the aircraft lost contact with the ground, the pilot had requested an unusual route to avoid the clouds, and then lost contact with the ground. AirAsia said in a statement, the aircraft encountered bad weather during the flight. Before the disappearance of the aircraft, the pilot requested the departure of the original route. Indonesia's Ministry of communications, said the aircraft lost contact with the former did not send out a distress signal.

Civil aviation authority of Singapore confirmed that AirAsia aircraft in Indonesia airspace and the control tower lost contact, lost to place in the flight information region of Singapore and Indonesia flight information region at the junction of the southeast more than 200 nautical miles, namely the Java sea sky.

After the incident, according to Indonesian media reports, a plane in eastern Indonesia Belitung Island crashed has yet to determine the specific location of the crash. However, this statement has not been officially confirmed.

Indonesia national search and rescue center official 28, told Xinhua News Agency reporters, due to weather reasons, the evening of the search for Asian airlines lost contact with the aircraft has been suspended, the next morning to start again.

AirAsia headquarters is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is one of Malaysia's two large air carriers, Malaysia is the largest low-cost airline operators.

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