Air Freight With Its Own Unique Advantages Of Rapid Development

- Oct 25, 2017-

With the development of air cargo business, the air freight forwarding industry has emerged. Import and export of goods by air freight, need to handle certain procedures, such as the export of goods in the originating place before the carrier's booking, storage, production orders, customs clearance, delivery and so on, the import of goods at the destination airport airlines or airports to receive goods, regulatory storage, production orders, customs, shipping and transshipment. Airlines are generally not responsible for the above-mentioned business, thus, the receiving, consignor must be through the air freight agent company for Air cargo business, or to the airlines to handle air cargo business.

The airline's main business is flight protection, they are affected by human, material and other factors, it is difficult to directly face a large number of customers, handling the shipping before and after the cumbersome service items, this requires air freight forwarding company for the airlines export canvassing, organization sourcing, issuing waybill, collect freight, import shugang, customs inspection, delivery, transit , so that airlines can concentrate on their own business and further develop air transport.

Characteristics of Air Cargo

Air cargo has developed rapidly since the birth of the aircraft, with its own unique advantages. Compared with other modes of transportation, air freight has a distinct characteristic.

(i) Faster delivery

As the conveyance used by air cargo is an aircraft, the plane's flight speed is about 600 kilometers per hour to about 800 kilometers, faster than other means of transport, the train speed of about l00 kilometers per hour to about 140 kilometers, cars on the highway is 120 kilometers to 140 kilometers, The ship is even slower. This characteristic of air cargo adapts to the demand of some special goods, for example, fresh and perishable goods such as seafood, movable goods and so on, because of the nature of the cargo, this kind of goods has a special high demand for time, which can only be used for air transport; In addition, in modern society, enterprises need to respond to market changes in a timely manner. Enterprises consider not only the production costs, time costs become a very important factor in the cost, such as product order production, clothing timely listing and obtain higher profits, and so on, which require the strong support of air transport can be achieved.

(ii) Low rate of breakage, good safety

In the ground, because of its own air cargo price is relatively high, the operation flow of the link compared to other modes of transport is much more stringent, the situation of breakage greatly reduced, cargo loaded on the aircraft, in the air after the cargo is very difficult to cause damage, so in the entire cargo transport link, the damage rate of This feature makes some goods, although from the physical characteristics, not suitable for air transport, such as large volume, heavier weight of mechanical equipment and other goods, but some of these goods are particularly afraid of collision damage, so this constraint caused by air transport only to reduce the probability of damage.

(iii) Large space span

In limited time, the space span of the aircraft is the largest, usually now some wide-body aircraft can fly 7 to 000 kilometers at a time, to carry out the trans-oceanic flight completely no problem, from China to the West coast of the United States, only about 13 hours, which is the transport of certain goods is very large advantages, such as activities, if trans-ocean transport, The use of shipping usually takes about half a month, this is not able to carry, only the use of air transport, in a short period of time to ensure the survival of activities.

(iv) Savings in costs associated with manufacturing enterprises

Because of the speed of air transport, can speed up the circulation of goods in the production enterprises, thus saving product warehousing costs, insurance premiums and interest payments, on the other hand, the speed of the circulation of products, but also brought about the speed of capital turnover, can greatly increase the utilization rate of funds.

(v) Higher freight rates

Because of the above advantages of air freight, make it relatively high freight rates, such as from China to the West coast of the United States, air prices are at least 10 times times the price of sea freight, so for goods with low value, time requirements are not strict, usually considering the cost of transport, will be the use of non-air cargo transport methods.

(vi) Limited capacity

Due to the limitation of the capacity of the aircraft itself, usually the volume of air cargo is much less than that of shipping, for example, the largest civil aircraft 8747 cargo cargo, the maximum load ll9 ton, compared to sea tens of thousands of tons, a hundred thousand of tons of load, the difference is very large.

(vii) Susceptible to weather

The plane itself is affected very much by the weather, such as in the face of heavy rain, strong winds, fog and other bad weather, flights can not be effectively guaranteed, the impact on air cargo is relatively large, for example, a ticket from Shenyang to Wenzhou, shipped is crab seedlings, to Wenzhou, due to weather reasons can not land, had to be prepared to Fuzhou Changle Airport , because the crab seedling transportation has a certain time limit, surpasses the effective time crab seedling may be dying, then uses the steam to transport, the time has been too late, finally only to take the price to the Fuzhou local aquatic product wholesale market. From the above analysis of the characteristics of air freight, it can be seen that air freight has both advantages and disadvantages, the need for agents in the actual operation, to give full play to the advantages of air freight, overcome its disadvantage, in order to ensure the role of air cargo in economic development.

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