Air Freight To The Packaging Is Very Strict

- Jun 05, 2017-

  Air Freight to the packaging is very strict, so in the air, the packaging of goods must strictly enforce the relevant provisions of the air, in order to package the goods can safely arrive at the designated location.

  General provisions for Air Freight packaging

  1. The packing of the goods shall be solid and intact in order to prevent the breakage of the packaging, leakage and dissipation of the contents in the course of transportation, prevent the damage or deterioration of the goods caused by the stacking, friction, shock or air pressure and temperature changes, and prevent injury to operators or polluting aircraft, ground equipment and other

  2. The advanced material in the package (such as sawdust and paper scraps) cannot be leaked. In addition to paper bag packaging of goods (such as documents, information, etc.), the consignment should be packed with packaging. It is strictly prohibited to use grass bags or rope to bundle goods.

  3. Packaging should be suitable for the nature, status and weight of the goods, but also to facilitate handling, loading and unloading and stacking; the outer surface of the packaging can not have prominent nails, hooks, spines, etc., packaging should be neat, dry, no odor and grease.

  4. The packing belt used for bundling the goods shall be able to withstand the full weight of the goods and ensure that the goods are not disconnected.

  5. If the packaging of the goods does not conform to the relevant provisions of this manual, the shipper should be required to improve or repackaging the rear to be shipped.

  Special provisions for the carriage of some goods by air

  1. Powdery goods

  In the bag, the outermost layer should use plastic coated textile bags for outer packaging, to ensure that the powder does not leak out, the gross weight of a single piece of goods shall not exceed 50 kilograms; with hard paper barrels, casks and plywood barrels, the barrel body is not broken, tight seam, seal of barrel cover, sturdy barrel hoop; the weight of the inside of a bottle shall not exceed 1 kilograms per carton. Use iron or wood material for outer packing, filled with gasket material in the box. The gross weight of a single piece of goods should not exceed 25 kilograms.

  2. Liquid Cargo

  The inside of the container must be left with a $number void and the cover must be closed; The liquid in a glass container shall not exceed 500 ml per container. The gross weight of a single piece of goods should not exceed 25 kilograms. The box shall be filled with padding and absorbent material to prevent sloshing or liquid exudation.

  3. Not afraid to touch the goods

  Can not be packaged, such as tires, not easy to count the number of pieces, irregular shape, shape and transport equipment similar or easily damaged aircraft cargo, should be used rope, linen dressing or external packaging.

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