Air Freight The Most Compact Part Of The Logistics System

- Sep 19, 2017-

Air transport is an important part of modern logistics, which provides safe, fast, convenient and quality service. An airport with high efficiency and comprehensive logistics services will play an important role in reducing production and operating costs, improving product quality, protecting ecological environment and expediting commodity turnover. The airline has trained an experienced and professional staff to provide professional and reliable transportation solutions for all kinds of special goods.

Air cargo business has now developed into the most closely and most important part of the logistics system, set Air Express, International Express, railway, road transport, warehousing, packaging, distribution, handling, information processing as one of the joint-stock enterprises, to provide customers with domestic and international real-time tracking of goods, inquiries, such as information services, To provide customers with comprehensive service security, door-to-door door to door, door to Port 24, 12, 6 hours a one-stop service. Air cargo greatly increases the speed of operation, transport capacity, to ensure that your goods can be safe, fast, on time to reach the destination, reducing your overall cost. At present, China's aviation network throughout the country's 92 large and medium-sized cities and the world more than 100 countries, many air freight companies and major airlines and railway, road suppliers and their process suppliers to maintain good relations of cooperation. Now has opened up Japan \ Thailand \ germany \ Dubai South Korea Bangladesh \ Singapore, the United States more than 9 lines. Our company to undertake business by the PICC to provide 0 risk transport protection. We firmly believe that common development is the road to prosperity! Shanghai Oriental Airlines is an urgent delivery of designated air cargo carriers, and signed a long-term cooperation agreement. Sincerity, the basic of people; faith, the principle of doing things, integrity is an important intangible asset, has a high value. Only by insisting on improving the integrity of enterprises and creating a good market environment, can we cast the road of success of the enterprise!

Shanghai Oriental Airlines Freight forwarding agencies are committed to international air transport, domestic air transport, sea import and export, International Express, domestic courier and other domestic and foreign logistics business. Companies in Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen and other more than 10 provinces, cities with branch offices. has an international regional agency network covering North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Australia. Professional, efficient team, rigorous logistics management tools, as well as "sincere, efficient" service concept is the company's continuous development guarantee. To optimize the transport program, the most reasonable transport costs, the largest customer satisfaction with the freight requirements, is our customer service purpose.

China's air cargo industry in the past more than 20 years has been rapid development, the entire air transport industry chain of all sectors of practitioners, whether freight forwarding, courier companies, airports or airlines have benefited greatly, the size of the industry and service capacity has been significantly improved. On the other hand, due to the drastic changes of macro-economic situation in recent years, the increase of various uncertainties and the intensified competition in the industry, the interest relationship, the subject relationship and the cohesion of the whole industry chain have changed significantly.

The basic composition and present situation of air freight industry chain

The air freight industry chain is composed of service providers involved in the service delivery. Its main members are freight forwarders representing customers, providing cargo terminals for airport ground service and air carriers who undertake air transport.

As a result of the changes in market supply and demand, air cargo is gradually changing from the past seller's market to the buyer. Under the influence of the macroeconomic environment, airlines are under enormous pressure from high oil prices, high security inputs and high labor costs. As a heavy-asset enterprise, airlines in the industrial chain to invest the largest, the highest risk to bear, but the lowest returns. And the freight forwarder belongs to the light Asset Enterprise, the fund invests small, the operation is nimble (may simultaneously with many airlines establishes the sales agent relations and utilizes each family's length), grasps the more customer resources thus obtains the big bargaining initiative, the risk is small and the income is high. Airport Cargo Depot because of its monopolistic nature of service quality is not satisfactory, but the benefits are fairly stable, less affected by the price fluctuations in tariffs and oil prices.

Because of the complex relationship between the main members of the industrial chain, which are interdependent and game therefore, it is difficult to form a consistent external interest community to provide customers with convenient integration services, in order to see from the above diagram, the reason why the customer chose the relatively expensive air transport method, it is only to fancy its fast and reliable characteristics. However, neither the freight forwarder, the airport cargo station nor the airline can guarantee the customer's demand alone. The reason is that the whole process of air transport is divided into several independent links, each link of the main business, the management concept, information flow, personnel quality, service standards and many other aspects of a large difference, so the actual situation is who can not control the entire transport industry chain. Once the service aspect has the problem, often shifting, nobody undertakes the overall responsibility. Finally caused the loss of customers, all the interests of all losses.

With the progress of science and technology and time, the price difference between various modes of transport will gradually narrow, the choice of customers will be more and more demanding. How to meet the needs of customers, in the increasingly intensified market competition in an invincible position, the participants in the air transport industry chain must adjust their market position according to the change of external environment.

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