Air Freight The Cost Is Higher

- Oct 10, 2017-

A means of transport by air or other aircraft as a carrier. Also known as air transport. Generally more urgent use of goods, road transport can not meet the requirements of customers in the case of the case of customers will choose to air. Air transport with its fast, safe. Punctual high efficiency to win a considerable market, greatly reducing the delivery time, for the logistics supply chain to speed up the cash flow and the cycle played a great role in promoting. The major airlines have invested a large number of flights to take the freight piece of cake. But the cost of air transport is relatively high.

Mode of transport

The main mode of operation of the mandatory air transport are: flight transport, charter transport, centralized shipping; air emergency delivery, cash on delivery, air transport and so on.

1, the flight is scheduled to sail, set the route, the originating station, the way the station and the destination of the aircraft. Its greatest feature is the ability to accurately grasp the start and arrival time.

2, charter transport refers to the airline or charter agent, in accordance with the terms and rates agreed with the two sides agreed with the hirer to the entire aircraft or part of the class leased charter (cabin), from one or several air stations To the designated destination. In general, charter flights are lower than flight, but the range of activities is small.

3, centralized shipping means that the air freight forwarders to a number of separate shipping sporadic goods into a whole batch, focus on the way to the shipping company. Fill in a total waybill sent to the same arrival station, and then by the air freight agency commissioned by the local agent is responsible for receiving and sub-drawn to the actual consignee. The biggest feature of this approach is to be able to fight more than sporadic shipping for low tariffs, and reduce the owner of the handling of the tedious.

4, aviation emergency transport that is air express. This method is particularly suitable for urgent need of goods, medical equipment, valuables, drawings, key parts, samples, documents and other small items of fast transport, to meet the needs of modern society fast-paced.

5, cash on delivery, by the consignor or his agent and the carrier in advance between the agreement reached by the carrier in the goods arrived at the destination to the consignee at the same time, on behalf of the consignor or its agent Charge the air waybill on the goods described in the price, and then sent to the consignor or its agent, that is, collection of money business. The air freight, the declaration of the value of the fee and a fee should be paid by the consignor, but also by the consignee at the destination to pay.

6, the use of container transport in the air transport is the trend. However, the use of containers in addition to the special shape of the aircraft, in addition to large aircraft cargo tanks can be used in the standard box, the general use of size, volume, shape different non-standard box. The use of container transport is mainly to improve the transport efficiency, as well as saving packaging, conducive to turnover and so on.

Prohibited goods

A substance or substance that threatens the safety of an airplane that is likely to cause harm to human health, safety, or damage to property in air transport.

Mainly the following types of goods transport

Small and expensive items: cash, securities, money order, credit card, jewelry, camera. Urgent items: drugs, keys, passports, traveler's checks, business documents. Irreplaceable items: manuscripts, ancestral material, fragile goods: glasses, glass containers, liquid. The above items should be carried on hand or placed in a carry-on bag that can be placed underneath the seat. The airline shall be liable for the loss or damage of the above-mentioned items entrusted to the checked baggage in accordance with the general checked baggage. Passengers are not allowed to take control of the tool. Control of tools other than the tool or blunt should be checked with the checked baggage, can not carry.

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