Air Freight Quick And Efficient

- Sep 04, 2017-

A means of transport by air or other aircraft as a carrier. Also known as air transport. Generally more urgent use of goods, road transport can not meet the requirements of customers in the case of the case of customers will choose to air. Air transport with its fast, safe. On-time high efficiency to win a considerable market, greatly reducing the delivery time, for the logistics supply chain to speed up the cash flow and circulation played a great role in promoting. The major airlines have invested a large number of flights to take the freight piece of cake. But the cost of air transport is relatively high.

First, the shipping process

For consignment. The foreign trade companies and industry and trade enterprises in the preparation of goods, received letters of credit by the audit (or modified) correct, you can handle the consignment, that is, according to the letter of credit and the relevant terms of the shipment, as well as the name of the goods, the number of , The date of shipment, the destination, etc. to fill in the "consignment note" and provide the relevant documents, sent to the shipping company as a basis for flights.

Arrange the cargo hold. Sinotrans company will receive the consignment note and the relevant documents, together with China Civil Aviation, according to the loading principle, the nature of the goods, the number of cargo, destination, etc., combined flight, arrange accommodation, and then issued by the China Civil Aviation air waybill.

Loading and loading. Sinotrans company according to the flight, on behalf of the foreign trade companies or industry and trade enterprises to the warehouse to pick up the goods sent to the airport, with the loading documents to the goods to the designated space for shipment.

Issue a consignment note. After the completion of the cargo installed by the Chinese Civil Aviation issued a total air waybill, Sinotrans company issued air waybill, air waybill has three copies, a copy of twelve copies. The original three, the first to the consignor, the second by the Sinotrans company retained, the third with the goods counterparts to the consignee. A copy of twelve as a declaration, financial settlement, foreign agents, transfer distribution and other purposes.

Issue a shipping notice. After the goods are installed, they can send the shipping notice to the buyer so that they can prepare the payment, redeem the bill and handle the goods.

Second, shipping notes

1. Transport of several special items:

1. Animal and plant quarantine certificates issued by animals and plants (or animal and plant products). Note: China Southern Airlines emergency warehouse does not accept live animals and plants, should be handed to the goods, by the Southern Airlines billing.

2. narcotic drugs ---- the Ministry of Health Drug Administration issued a drug transport certificate.

3. Audio and video products ---- to the provincial social and cultural management office of the audio and video products issued by the delivery certificate.

4. Canned liquid, powder items ---- need to produce the nature of the proof of the goods.

5. Seafood - different parts of the need for different seafood boxes. China Southern Airlines and Baiyun Airport, respectively, with its designated dedicated box, single-use foam box can not be installed, need to add cartons and packing tape.

6. Glass must be closed closed wooden box, playing a tripod.

7. Contrainders - explosives (eg explosives), compressed gases and hydraulic gases (eg gas), flammable and explosive liquids or solids, oxidants and organic peroxides (table tennis), drugs and infectious items Such as white powder), radioactive materials, corrosive products (such as sulfuric acid), magnetic objects, anesthesia, batteries, etc .;

Second, take the volume of goods, weight requirements:

1. Minimum size: length + width + height ≥ 40cm minimum edge ≥ 5cm (except news articles)

Solution: A plus fiber bag B hair pieces

Maximum volume: according to the size of the door, such as B737-0.86 * 1.21 (m), B757 --- 1.41 * 1.12 (m)

Passenger aircraft carrying volume is generally not more than 40 * 60 * 100 (cm)

The cargo carrying capacity of the freighter is generally not more than 100 * 100 * 140 (cm)

2. Weight: passenger aircraft carrying the weight of each cargo is generally not more than 80KG; cargo aircraft carrying each generally not more than 250KG.

Third, the size of the provisions of the air cargo

1. The volume of each piece of goods and the length and width of the sum of not less than 40 cm; 2. Wide aircraft carrying goods, each cargo weight does not exceed 250 kg, the volume does not exceed 100x100x140 cm; 3. Non-wide aircraft carrier , The weight of each piece of goods does not exceed 80 kg, the volume does not exceed 40x60x100 cm.

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