Air Freight Is Very Strict On The Packaging

- Jun 20, 2017 -

  Air Freight is very strict on the packaging, so in the air, the packaging of goods must be strictly enforced the relevant provisions of air transport to the packaging of goods to reach the designated location safely.

  General provisions for the packing of Air Freight

  1. Cargo packaging should be strong, intact, in the transport process to prevent the packaging rupture, the material leakage, loss; to prevent the code, friction, shock or pressure, air temperature changes caused by damage or deterioration of goods; to prevent injury to the operator or pollution Aircraft, ground equipment and other items.

  2. The packing material (such as wood chips, scraps of paper) in the package can not leak. In the case of goods (such as documents, information, etc.) packed in paper bags, the consignment should be packed with the packing tape. It is strictly forbidden to use the straw bag or rope to bundle the goods.

  3. Packaging should be suitable for the nature of the goods,Air Freight the state and weight, but also easy to carry, handling and storage; packaging the outer surface can not have a prominent nail, hook, thorn, etc .; packaging to be clean, dry, no smell and grease.

  4. The packing tape used for bundling the cargo shall be capable of withstanding the full weight of the goods and shall not be disconnected when the goods are filed.

  5. If the packaging of the goods does not comply with the relevant provisions in this manual,Air Freight the shipper should be required to improve or repackage before and after the delivery.

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