Air Freight Introduction Of Transportation Features

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Air transport is the transportation between the state and the country, the country and the region, it has the following main characteristics compared with the domestic goods transportation:

(a) International express transport related to international relations issues, is a very strong policy of foreign-related activities. International air transport is an integral part of international trade, in the process of organizing the transport of goods, it is necessary to often have direct or indirect business contacts with abroad, which is not only economic, but also often involves international political issues, is a very strong policy-related activities. Therefore, international express transportation is not only an economic activity, but also an important foreign affairs activities, which requires us not only to use economic views to deal with the business, but also to have a policy concept, in accordance with China's foreign policy requirements engaged in international transport business.

(ii) International Express transport is a lot of long-distance transport. International Express transport is the country and country, the transport between the country and the region, generally speaking, the distance of transportation is relatively long, often need to use a variety of transport tools, through multiple loading and unloading, to pass through many intermediate links, such as transshipment, change mode of transport, through different regions and countries, to adapt to different national laws and regulations. If any one of the links occurs, it will affect the entire transport process, which requires us to make good organization, ring tight clasp, to avoid a link in the phenomenon of disconnection, to transport losses.

(iii) International Express transport involves a wide range, the situation complex and changeable. International express transportation involves many domestic and foreign departments, and needs to deal with shippers, transportation, commodity inspection agencies, insurance companies, banks or other financial institutions, customs, ports and various intermediary agents in different countries and regions.

(iv) International express delivery time is strong. On time shipment of import and export goods, timely delivery of goods to the destination, the implementation of import and export trade contracts to meet the needs of commodity competition market, improve market competitiveness, timely settlement, are of great significance. In particular, some fresh goods, seasonal goods and sensitive goods, more demand for rapid transport, no chance to organize the supply, in order to improve the competitiveness of export commodities, to consolidate and expand the sales market. Therefore, the international express delivery must strengthen the concept of time, fighting time, Rob Speed, to win quickly.

(v) The risk of international express delivery is greater. Because in the International express Transportation link Many, the transportation distance is long, covering a wide range, the situation complex and changeable, coupled with a strong time, in the transportation along the international situation changes, social unrest, all kinds of natural disasters and accidents occurred, as well as war, blockade embargo or piracy activities, etc., may directly or indirectly affect the international express delivery , so as to cause serious consequences, the risk of international express delivery is greater. In order to transfer the loss of risk in the transport process, all kinds of import and export goods and transport tools, all need to deal with transport insurance.

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