Air Freight Extraction Points Are

- Jul 03, 2017-

  Air Freight extraction points are:

  When the goods arrive at the destination, the airline shipping department will be included in the consignee's name, address with the goods notice or call the consignee to pick up the goods. Air Freight The consignee with a unit letter of introduction or arrival notice or consignee consignee and my valid identity documents to Air China designated locations for delivery procedures. If the consignee entrusts others to pick up the goods, with the arrival of the notice or the consignee consignee and the consignment note specified by the consignee and the recipient's identity card or other valid identity documents delivery.

  storage time:

  Ordinary goods, since the arrival of the notice of the second day free of charge for three days, more than the free storage period, according to the weight of the goods charge, Air Freight the daily charge of 0.35 yuan per kilogram, storage time less than one day in accordance with the day The

  Valuable objects. Since the arrival of the destination the next day, according to the weight of the goods to calculate the daily charge per kilogram of storage costs five dollars, Air Freight customs clearance time less than one day in accordance with the day.

  Can not deliver the goods and their handling. If the goods can not be delivered due to the inability to deliver the goods after 14 days after arriving at the destination, Air Freight the address of the consignee or the consignee's address is incorrect or not detailed; If there is no reply to the arrival of the goods or the goods are not extracted, if there is no person to withdraw within 90 days after reaching the destination and no access to any advice on the originating station, the goods will be processed according to the relevant provisions of air transport The

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