Air Freight Charges

- Jul 14, 2017-

  Air Freight Charges

  General cargo tariff

  A. Basic tariff (code N) Civil Aviation Administration of the unified provisions of the basic cargo base freight rates, the basic tariff for 45 kg of ordinary goods tariffs, the amount of the unit

  B. Weight demarcation point tariff (code Q) Domestic Air Freight cargo transport to establish more than 45 kilograms, more than 100 kilograms, more than 300 kilograms of weight points and tariffs.

  2. Class of goods tariffs (code S) Expenses, biological products, precious plants and plant products, live animals, ashes, coffins, fresh perishable items, valuables, firearms, ammunition, escort goods and other special goods Price, according to the basic tariff of 150% income.

  3. Specify the commodity tariff (code C) for some large quantities, seasonal strong, low unit value of goods, Air Freightlines can apply for the establishment of designated commodity tariffs.

  4. Minimum shipping (code M)

  The minimum freight for each domestic Air Freight cargo is RMB 30.

  5. Container freight rates

  To container, container board as a transport unit. The cargo weight of the cargo is calculated by gross weight. The unit of calculation is kilograms. Weight less than 1 kg, according to 1 kg count, more than 1 kg of mantissa rounded non-wide body load of each cargo weight is generally not more than 80 kg, the volume is generally not more than 40 * 60 * 100 meters. The width of the cargo is generally not more than 250 kg. Air Freight The volume is generally not more than 250 * 200 * 160 cm. More than the above weight and volume of goods, according to the specific conditions of the company towers whether the harvest. Each piece of goods is long, wide, high and not less than 40 centimeters per kilogram of the volume of more than 5000 cubic centimeters of goods by weight of light cargo weight. Air Freight Light bulb cargo is rated at 1 kg per 5,000 cubic centimeters.

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